Top 4 English Speaking Beauty Salons in Tokyo

Glow by Tomoko

Glow by Tomoko offers a unique omakase-style experience combining results-driven treatments with deep relaxation. Utilizing Japanese skincare and devices, Tomoko provides customized facials tailored to individual concerns. Drawing from her international experience, she blends traditional and innovative Japanese techniques with global trends for optimal results.

Clients appreciate the visible improvements in their skin and the serene environment that offers an escape from their hectic lives. Tomoko is dedicated to providing continuous support to her clients by addressing their concerns and questions even beyond appointments so that her clients can maintain their glow between sessions. She currently splits her time between Tokyo and Dubai, with schedule updates shared on her website and Instagram.

KOZY Beauty

Founded by Rina, KOZY Beauty Salon focuses on addressing skin concerns related to environmental changes and aging. Rina’s passion for beauty began during her studies at the Aveda Institute in San Francisco, where she experienced skin issues and gained valuable experience working with diverse clients. Returning to Japan in 2012, she established KOZY Beauty to provide specialized care aimed at delaying skin aging.

The salon offers a variety of treatments, including HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) to tighten collagen and reduce fat. Their comprehensive facial treatments involve nine meticulous steps to cleanse, hydrate, rejuvenate, and protect the skin. The Unstress therapy is designed to alleviate skin stress, boost moisture, and prevent premature aging. KOZY Beauty also offers effective waxing services, using natural ingredients for safe and smooth hair removal, and laser hair removal for long-lasting reduction in hair growth.

Kunistyle Beauty

Kunistyle Beauty offers an enzyme bath facility, a traditional Japanese beauty and health method.
Enzyme baths using high-quality cypress, rice bran, and fermented raw materials are gaining attention as an ancient health method in Japan. The fermented space is full of beneficial bacteria, and by regulating the intestinal environment, it improves various illnesses, detoxifies, and rejuvenates the body.
After sweating in the enzyme bath, you can enjoy a facial or body massage in the esthetic room, where the latest beauty machines are available to support your beauty and health.

A private powder room with a cypress table is fully equipped with amenities, allowing guests to apply skincare and makeup before heading out to Ginza. The fitness room also offers personal training, KAATSU Training, which significantly increases the secretion of growth hormones and improves overall health when combined with the enzyme bath.

Additionally, Kunistyle Beauty hosts enzyme and fermentation seminars, educating clients about enzyme nutrition, intestinal health, and the correct fasting method. These seminars also include demonstrations on making fermented juice using fruit at home.

Mocci Beauty

Mocci Beauty, founded by Miki, offers personalized anti-aging treatments using original Japanese techniques. Born and raised in Tokyo, Miki spent over 15 years in London’s beauty industry, earning a global reputation for high-quality facials. She combines advanced Japanese nonsurgical facelifts with the healing power of chi to balance energies and promote relaxation.

Miki also holds a degree in homeopathy, believing true beauty stems from inner well-being. Using the highest quality products and techniques, she customizes each facial to meet individual client needs. Her signature Japanese Non-Surgical Facelift uses EMS technology to tighten and revitalize skin, boosting collagen and hydration for a youthful glow. Mocci Beauty also utilizes Environ Skincare, known for its effective use of vitamins and peptides to enhance skin health.

Since returning to Tokyo in 2019, Miki has focused on providing treatments that are both effective and soothing, helping clients achieve radiant skin and inner well-being.

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