Mocci Beauty

Address: Decimo Azabu 501, Azabujuban 3-7-5, Minato-ku, Tokyo 154-0045 
Phone: 080-2294-2225

Born and raised in Tokyo, Miki had been in the beauty industry for over 15 years in London and became one of the top facialists, earning a global reputation for high-quality anti-aging facials using her original Japanese techniques. She has never stopped in her quest to create better facials. Taking advantage of her Japanese background, she has developed her signature style by combining the advanced technologies of Japanese nonsurgical facelifts and the healing power of chi based on Japanese techniques that balance energies and promote relaxation.

Mocci Beauty’s Unique Treatment Techniques

Despite her demanding career and success as a beauty therapist, Miki decided to follow her passion for homeopathy, earning a BSc (Hons) in the field. She believes that true beauty stems from inner well-being. Her dedication to helping clients achieve healthy, youthful skin has only intensified, as she continually enhances her skills through additional courses in both the UK and Japan. Miki uses only the highest quality products and techniques from Japan and around the world, and she is honored to have helped countless clients embrace their natural beauty. In 2019, Miki returned to Tokyo, where she continues to focus on providing treatments that are both effective and soothing for the soul.Selected Facial and Beauty Treatments and Skincare

Each facial treatment is custom-designed to cater to the specific needs of every client, ensuring that no two facials are alike. Leveraging her extensive expertise, Miki provides a personalized skin consultation followed by a uniquely tailored treatment plan. This approach guarantees exceptional results, leaving your skin healthy and radiantly glowing.

The Japanese Non-Surgical Facelift is a highly popular anti-aging method in Japan and one of Miki’s signature facial techniques. Utilizing a unique EMS device, this technique reconstructs the face by tightening and revitalizing tired, aging, or sagging muscles and skin, while boosting collagen and hydration. The result is instantly visible, creating fuller, firmer skin and a more youthful glow.

Bridging the gap between medical and beauty, the world-renowned surgeon Dr. Fernandes has pioneered the use of Vitamin A in skincare. Environ Skincare stands unmatched in its effectiveness. This natural, results-driven cosmeceutical brand utilizes high concentrations of vitamins A, C, and E, along with beta carotene, lactic acids, and peptides, to replenish essential nutrients and boost collagen and elastin production.