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Top 5 English-speaking Beauty Salons in Tokyo for Facials 

Top 5 English-speaking Beauty Salons in Tokyo for Facials 

Following a daily skincare routine is excellent for your skin. However, now and then, it’s good to let the professionals help you take even better care of your skin. Tokyo has an abundance of beauty salons, but just a handful of beauty salons are English friendly. With that in mind, we’ve put together this lineup of English-speaking beauty salons in Tokyo that offer some of the best facial treatments.

Glow by Tomoko

tokyo facials tokyo treatments
Glow by Tomoko  Tokyo based esthetician doing a facial on ASMR twix an ASMR YouTuber in Japan. This beauty salon in Minato-ku Tokyo specializes in various customized facials. This is an English-friendly/English-speaking esthetician.

Glow by Tomoko is an at-home beauty salon right in the heart of Tokyo. Tomoko is a New York state-licensed esthetician who lived in New York for 16 years. She offers the best of both worlds regarding facials: American and Japanese skincare techniques. She also keeps up with local and international skincare trends. Before your facial, you’ll get to ask the esthetician about your skin concerns. What makes Glow by Tomoko unique is her hand-crafted facial treatments. In addition, she has an ingredient-focused approach whereby she mixes skincare ingredients to address skin concerns, which means no one facial is ever the same. She also recommends products based on ingredients rather than brand names.

Glow by Tomoko offers four facial treatments ranging from one to two hours. Our favorite treatment is The Classic facial, which addresses skin concerns such as acne, dark spots, pore congestion, and skin dehydration. You can check out this video to see a preview of her facials. Glow by Tomoko is determined to make English speakers in Japan feel safe. She said, “I wanted to build a space where English-speaking clients can discuss their skin concerns and achieve their skin goals effectively, which I noticed was difficult to find in Japan.”

Price range: ¥11,000–19,800
Where to book your appointment: Website or Instagram 
Business hours: 10am–8pm on weekdays and Sunday
Nearest station: Hamamatsucho Station, (via JR north exit)
Address: 1-9-15 Kaigan, Minato-ku
Phone: 070-4117-4558 
Email: glowbytomoko@gmail.com

Mocci Beauty

Mocci beauty is an English-friendlyt / English-speaking esthetician based in Azabu-Juban, Minato-ku Tokyo near Azabu juban station. Mocci beauty has facia treatments address skin issue like skin sensitivity, adult acne and uneven skin tone.
Photo Credit: Mocci Beauty

A beauty salon only two minutes from Azabu-Juban Station, Mocci Beauty prides itself in having been addressing skin concerns for over 17 years in Tokyo and London. This beauty salon specializes in Japanese-inspired anti-aging facials that promote healthy skin by using high-quality skin products and non-surgical techniques. Furthermore, they offer facial treatments that cover various skin issues such as skin sensitivity, adult acne, uneven skin tone, pigmentation or sun damage, and dry skin. When you go for a facial at Mocci Beauty, you will receive an in-depth consultation; after that, the esthetician will create a customized facial treatment plan. On their English and Japanese Instagram pages, you will see various before and after facial photos that prove the effectiveness of Mocci Beauty facials.

Price range: ¥9,500–13,500
Where to book: https://mocci-beauty.com/reservation/
Business hours: 9am–10pm Monday–Sunday (Earlier hours may be available)
Nearest station: Azabu-Juban Station (via exit 1)
Address: Decimo Azabu 501, 3-7-5 Azabu-Juban, Minato-ku
Phone: 080-2294-2225

Elana Jade

Elana Jade giving a facial to a customer. Elana Jade is a beauty salon and a beauty spa in Tokyo near Azabu-Juban station. Elana Jade offers facial treatments such as peeling. This beauty salon also offers beauty treatments like eyelashes, nails, body massage and waxing services. Elana Jade beauty salon has English-speaking staff which means it's a foreigner friendly spa.

Living in Tokyo can be stressful for foreigners and locals alike. For this reason, Elana Jade was born. It’s a beauty salon where people can escape the bustle of Tokyo and spend time at a peaceful place without leaving the city center. Elana Jade offers a variety of luxury skincare services that improve your skin and facial treatments made from organic ingredients. With glowing reviews from models like Melody Yoko Reilly, Elana Jade is one of the top beauty salons in the Azabu-Juban area of Tokyo. Elana Jade is unique because she combines western and eastern beauty techniques to ensure you have a world-class facial. The facials menu includes various treatments that are perfect for any skin concerns.

What caught our attention are the three sets of peeling facial treatments offered at this Tokyo salon: a peeling facial great for renewing your skin and reducing visible pores and fine lines; an Intensive Peeling and Cleansing Facial, which includes a double layer of the peeling treatment coupled with high-frequency electrical current treatment, which promotes collagen and elastin production; and the Peeling Facial Course, a four-week facial treatment that intentionally matches your skin’s cellular turnover. Elana Jade also has beauty treatments for nails and eyelashes, as well as body massage and waxing services, for those looking for a one-stop beauty salon in Tokyo. 

Price range: ¥7,500–58,000
Where to book: https://elanajade.com/appointment/
Business hours: 10am–8pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
10am–9pm on Tuesday and Thursday
10am–7pm on Saturday and Sunday
Nearest station: Azabu-Juban Station (via exit 7)
Address: NS Azabu Juban Building 4F, 3-6-2 Azabu-Juban, Minato-ku
Phone: 03-6453-9319
Email: salon@elanajade.com


WASPA is a Japanese beauty salon and japanese spa in Ginza Tokyo as welll as Osaka city. It's located at the Ginza Miss Paris Building.
Photo Credit: WASPA

WASPA is an authentic Japanese spa located in Ginza, Tokyo. WASPA has a unique spa experience centered around Japanese beauty and culture. With rave reviews for its exceptional customer service and a relaxing atmosphere, WASPA is truly the epitome of omotenashi (Japanese hospitality). This spa has five facial treatments. We were drawn to their Gold Cream Facial and Lymphatic Drainage treatment. This facial promotes firmer skin and reduces under-eye wrinkles and dark circles. According to MindBodyGreen, lymphatic drainage facials are also great for improving dull skin and can help with acne by reducing skin congestion. This beauty spa also offers various body massage treatments that are inspired by Japanese health and longevity traditions. What’s more? They offer basic and special facial treatments. The special facial treatment includes a facial and a back massage.

Price range: ¥19,800–25,300
Where to book: https://www.wa-spa.jp/en/form/
Business hours: 11am–8pm Monday–Friday
10am–7pm Saturday, Sunday and national holidays
Nearest Stations: Higashi-Ginza or Ginza stations
Address: GINZA MISS PARIS 5F, 5-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Phone number: 03-6757-6520

Aman Tokyo Spa

Amana Tokyo Spa is in the Aman Tokyo hotel located near Otemachi  station in Chiyoda-ku Tokyo. Aman Tokyo is inpired by Japanese culture. This beauty salon in Tokyo has English-speaking staff and has facial treatments that reduce scarring, pigmentation and nourish the skin. The place to relax.
Photo Credit: Aman Tokyo

Aman Tokyo Spa is the largest and most holistic luxury spa in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. Although Aman Tokyo is well known for its top-tier Japanese-style architecture, experiences, and fitness programs, Aman Tokyo Spa has one of the best wellness programs, including seven types of holistic facial treatments. The spa incorporates the best of Japanese, Chinese and western techniques and products. Their Nourishing Face Ritual facial has various benefits, such as reducing scarring and pigmentation, alleviating skin concerns such as dermatitis, and hydrating and nourishing the skin. Their Rejuvenate Oxygen facial enhances skin hydration, tone, and radiance, and is perfect for treating fine lines and wrinkles.

Price range: ¥35,430–129,030
Where to book: email amantokyo.spa@aman.com or call 03-5224-3344
Business hours: 10am–10pm Monday–Sunday
Nearest station: Otemachi Station (via exit A5)
Address: The Otemachi Tower, 1-5-6 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku

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