Where to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Tokyo

The days in Tokyo are getting shorter and the sun is setting before the work day is over. While the colder weather and illuminations springing up around Tokyo may tell you that it’s already the winter holidays, don’t forget that there is still one more fall celebration to be had! Thanksgiving is a day known for the food that people stateside enjoy with family and friends—anything from turkey and mashed potatoes to cranberry sauce and pies.

Although the Thanksgiving feast traditions are popular in the United States, celebrating the harvest and seasonal foods is common to Japan. Thanksgiving foods have made their way into Japan as well, and here are six places in Tokyo where you can enjoy them.

Soul Food House

Soul Food House has been the place to be for savory, homemade comfort foods since 2015. It’s a fantastic family-owned restaurant with a great team of chefs who bring you American Southern and Cajun flavors in a warm environment. Located in Azabujuban, they have been serving people in the heart of Tokyo for years. They have recently announced that they will be having a Thanksgiving Dinner course available for reservations. The menu includes honey-smoked turkey, pumpkin soup, barbeque spare ribs, garlic mashed potatoes, and macaroni & cheese, just to name a few of the items. Bookings are filling up for November 24, 25, and 26, so make sure to get your spot!

Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Grand Hyatt Tokyo will also be hosting a Thanksgiving celebration at their restaurant location, The Oak Door. With an option to dine in or take out, this is an easy option to get a luxurious, high-quality course prepared for you. It’s perfect for anyone with a busy schedule who won’t necessarily have time to get an entire table of food ready for the family. You can expect all the classic foods such as roast turkey, roasted carrots, cranberry jam and more.

Antenna America Shinagawa

Antenna America is a shop just outside of Shinagawa Station. Known mainly for its wide selection of beer, this is a great option for anyone looking to have a cold one on Thanksgiving Day. You won’t miss out on turkey either. They are offering a limited-time offer of Thanksgiving sandwiches with turkey smoked in applewood for 24 hours and served on a baguette roll with cranberry sauce and horseradish. With its convenient location and fresh spin on Thanksgiving, Antenna America is a great option for a fun, casual night out with friends or coworkers.

BLT Steak Roppongi

Located just outside Roppongi-Itchome Station, BLT Steak Roppongi is a classy steakhouse and bistro that serves delicious steaks, fresh seafood, and warm popovers. For their Thanksgiving Lunch and Dinner menu, there are options for dine- in, outside terrace seating, and take out. They are offering lunch and dinner courses, but with their own twist. Most notably, they have a roast turkey and filet mignon combination which is sure to satisfy any meat lover.

Lawry’s The Prime Rib Akasaka

With the original restaurant opened in the United States in 1938, Lawry’s The Prime Rib is definitely no stranger to traditional American cuisine. Their Akasaka location will offer an in-store selection on November 23–25 and a takeout menu on November 13–25. You can select items such as a beautiful roast turkey or their pumpkin pie, which is made using cream cheese and custard cream to enhance the flavor. Thanksgiving Day is often considered a day of tradition, so Lawry’s The Prime Rib is the clear winner for any Thanksgiving traditionalists.

Kyle’s Good Finds

A small shop found in Nakano, Kyle’s Good Finds lives up to its name. It’s a treasure to find a great shop with homemade American food in the big city, and that is exactly what you are getting. Kyle’s Good Finds usually offers a wide selection of pies, but this holiday season you can pick up your Thanksgiving bento. With turkey, cranberry sauce and, of course, pies there may not be a better deal for those who want great homemade food at an affordable price.

With these options available, there is no reason not to enjoy some savory comfort foods this Thanksgiving. It has been an eventful year, so it’s a good time to wind down and reflect on what you’re thankful for, especially good food. Whether it’s family, friends or colleagues, get a group together and have a feast!


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