Your Guide to Great Local Spots in Daikanyama

The next time you’re looking to take a long stroll through Tokyo, give Daikanyama a try. It’s a perfect blend of modernity and classic style—one of the massive city’s more relaxed areas. While not too far from Ebisu and Shibuya, the neighborhood’s roads are lined with trees and friendly to pedestrians, making it a nice place to walk around. Those same streets are full of quality cafes, bars, restaurants and more. GoConnect takes a look at some fantastic local spots you should visit in Daikanyama.


Just a three-minute walk from Daikanyama Station, falò is an Italian take on the izakaya and a great destination for a quality meal. Falò, which means “bonfire,” is a perfect description for the cozy yet refined atmosphere that head chef Noritaka Kashimura has created. The distinct, uneven ceiling hangs over a smart and simple interior which is just an open kitchen surrounded by counter seats.

Chef Kashimura’s menu is full of excellent pastas and charcoal-grilled meat dishes, and they all reflect his attention to detail and beautiful presentation. His aim was to bring casual Italian dining to guests in Japan, so don’t be afraid to pop in and try this innovative izakaya.

SNS Café

Another example of culinary and cultural fusion, SNS Café is a bistro that aims to recreate the feeling of inviting someone over for dinner. Enjoy American, Swedish, and European cuisine that has been fused with Japanese flavors. The bistro also features an SNS Book Club with curated books, music, and space for rotating art exhibitions.

SNS, or Sneakers N Stuff, is also a popular sneaker and streetwear retailer, so after you’ve finished your meal and checked out SNS Book Club, head over to the neighboring buildings to pick up some fresh new sneakers.


In Japan, you will find that many establishments have set menus with items that will only be served during certain parts of the day. However, Sputnik is a standing cafe and bar that was designed to give you options. Whether you are craving cocktails during the day or want a nice cup of coffee at night, Sputnik allows you to order what you want whenever you want it.

It has a very classic interior with high counters and tables for 12. The menu is only printed in English with no pictures and there is no menu for the bar. The reason for this? The owner, Tamaki Itou, wants to promote back-and-forth communication over the counter with his customers. Whether you’re a first-time customer or a regular, this Daikanyama bar is looking forward to your visit.


Hiding behind the adjoining P.B. Restaurant, which offers Chinese congee and herbal tea, is one of the best-kept secrets of Daikanyama’s nightlife. By opening the fully functional speakeasy-style bookcase / door, you can access Débris.

The bar is lit with neon and sports a large DJ booth. At night is when this place really comes alive, with its club-like atmosphere. The next time you are with friends on a night out, taking them to this underground bar is sure to impress.


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