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Located between the beautiful waterfront and the historical Hamarikyu Gardens, mesm Tokyo aims to mesmerize those seeking originality with its exceptional design and outstanding, thoughtful service to offer an experience that inspired the hotel’s name.

Special Offer

Under the Covid-19 state of emergency in Tokyo, bars and restaurants in Tokyo have halted sales of alcohol and have been asked to close by 8pm to help prevent the spread of the virus.

For the residents of Tokyo who are searching for a safe and comfortable place to dine, mesm Tokyo is now offering a special dining vacation package: Mesm Eatcation.

For a maximum of three hours between noon and midnight, guests can experience a special French course carefully crafted by our Culinary Meister Kouki Kumamoto in a luxurious and stylish guestroom. Aside from the private dining experience, guests can enjoy their favorite music with the in-room digital piano and even watch TV and relax on a comfy bed.

In a private space that strictly complies with all safety measures, please enjoy the unique dining experience all by yourself, or with your friends or loved ones.

Eat-cation at mesm Tokyo on GoConnect

How to Use the Special Offer

Here are the details of the Mesm Eatcation package:

  1. Available Dates: May 4–June 30
  2. Available Time: Up to three hours, between 12:00pm (noon) and 12:00am (midnight). The last entry is at 9pm and the last order for drinks is at 11pm. Please let us know the time you prefer.
  3. Price Plan (drinks excluded):
    • One room/two people: ¥39,800 (course price, tax, and service charges included)
    • One room/one person: ¥29,400 (course price, tax, and service charges included)

For more information about the course menu, the special offer in general and for English support, please email: 

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