Mesm Tokyo Autograph Collection on GoConnect

mesm Tokyo is a new hotel opened on April 27, 2020, that welcomes guests to discover the tradition and innovation of Tokyo through a mesmerizing experience for all five senses.

Special Offer

Reserve your lunch or dinner at Chef’s Theatre and get a complimentary mixology cocktail at Whisk!

Chef’s Theatre is an open kitchen restaurant where we offer bistronomy style French cuisine where guests can enjoy an upscale experience that appeals to all five senses. Until February, guests can savor the cuisine of Alsace at lunch and Provence at dinner.

Mesm Tokyo Autograph Collection on GoConnect
Chef’s Theatre by day
Winter Dinner at Mesm Tokyo Autograph Collection
Dinner at Chef’s Theatre

Bar & Lounge Whisk offers 18 original mixology cocktails, all inspired by selected art pieces from around the world—from traditional to modern works. The cocktails will mesmerize your five senses and bring your experience at our bar to life, accompanied by incredible views of Tokyo’s skyline.

Mesm Tokyo Autograph Collection
Bar & Lounge Whisk

Cocktail Concepts

One example of how art inspires these unique mixology cocktails is “Revolution,” which is based on Eugène Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People. Liberty is represented by a wine glass that the cocktail is served in—which is draped in yellow fabric—and the smoke represents the gunfire smoke in the painting. The cocktail is actually served with smoke underneath a cover, and guests who order it can enjoy the smoke, smells, and appearance of the cocktail itself, which is also decorated with the French flag as a reminder of the art piece.

The mixology cocktail “Revolution”

Another is the mixology cocktail “Shout,” which is inspired by the idea of energy drinks that give their imbibers the power to shout out loud. The drink is served with a straw decorated with a piece of candy that has a shouting face on it, as a reminder of the work of art that it represents: Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

The mixology cocktail “Shout”

*Notice: In response to the state of emergency in Tokyo, this offer may not be available.

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