A Dog-Friendly Stay with Breakfast at Fuji Speedway Hotel

Fuji Speedway Hotel


A Dog-Friendly Stay with Breakfast at Fuji Speedway Hotel

Enjoy a memorable getaway with your furry friend today! The perfect dog-friendly stay with breakfast included at Fuji Speedway Hotel.

Enjoy a private and memorable stay with your beloved family dog. The plan includes accommodation for one dog. For the comfort of guests and dogs, we ask that you fill out the “Consent Form for Staying and Lodging in a Dog-Friendly Room" provided by the hotel and send it to us in advance along with a copy of the vaccination certificate, rabies vaccination certificate, and a photo of your dog.

Number and Weight Limit



  • Maximum of three small dogs weighing 10 kg or less per villa
  • For large and medium-sized dogs weighing 35 kg or less, a maximum of two dogs per villa
  • Maximum of two for multiple sizes

Other Room Types

  • Maximum of two small dogs with combined weight of 10 kg or less

What’s Included

  • Breakfast in TROFEO every morning during your stay
  • Dog-Friendly Amenity Rental
  • Small bed
  • Food bowl and mat
  • Water bowl


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About Fuji Speedway Hotel
Fuji Speedway Hotel is a unique and unconventional hotel offering indulgent hospitality as well as a motorsports museum.

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