15% off all sanitizers: all profits support the NPO's efforts



15% off all sanitizers: all profits support the NPO's efforts

Bass Handcrafted Sanitizers is offering 15% off all its hand sanitizers.

Bass handcrafted Sanitizers


We are an NPO founded by high schoolers from ASIJ (The American School in Japan) in March 2020. In response to price-gouging, our goal is to donate as many sanitizers as possible to people in need, while selling them on the market for a reasonable price. 


We have produced more than 2,000 bottles of sanitizers at our school laboratory using the World Health Organization formula. Our business model is: sell one-third of our sanitizers and reinvest all profits into the production and donation of more.


If you are interested, take a look at the interview with Director David Bass about the idea and how he put together the team, despite just being a high school student.


Special Offer


15% discount on all our hand sanitizers.


We are also looking for volunteers who are knowledgeable with marketing towards Japanese customers.


How to Use the Special Offer


Use the coupon code BHCS:A8ON41



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