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Get 10% off Your Health Coaching Package

Are you looking for a health coach in Japan? Menya Henga partners with high-performing professionals to improve their fitness and performance.

I help high-performing business professionals in Japan and around the world achieve better health and performance. I also serve as an online personal trainer and nutrition and accountability coach to English-speaking clients worldwide.

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About MH Health Coaching

Menya Hinga helps high-performers struggling to get in good shape by teaching them the skills and habits necessary to control their diet, improve their fitness, and take control of their health forever. As a health coach, father, trainer, and small business owner living in Tokyo, Japan, he knows how difficult it can be to balance work, family, and health as well as an increasingly busy schedule. Menya Hinga began his career as a fitness professional in early 2011 and have developed as a health and performance coach thanks to books, seminars, courses, and mentorship from professionals across the world.

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