Hakuba Hotel Group

Address: 5090 Hokujo, Nagano, Japan
Phone: 0261-75-5511
Email: bookings@hakubahotelgroup.com 
Website: https://hakubahotelgroup.com/ 
Green Season: https://hakubahotelgroup.com/summer/ 
Winter Season:

Established in 2012

HHG was established in 2012 with the purchase of the Hakuba Springs Hotel and has since grown from a small hotel operator to the largest hospitality company in the Hakuba Valley, owning and/or managing hotels, apartments, chalets, travel agencies, events, restaurants, and bars.


Luxurious Accommodations to Meet All Needs

Hakuba Hotel Group’s portfolio includes charming hotels and various chalets suitable for different group sizes and equipped with luxurious amenities and modern, comfortable flats in prime locations that are among the most high-end accommodations in Asia.

In addition to luxurious accommodations and excellent dining options, Hakuba Hotel Group is also known for offering outstanding services for their guests and hosting events such as festivals or sports competitions.