Attracting Top Talent in Japan—Why Employer Branding is Crucial for All Businesses

HirePlanner founder Fabien Brogard Cipriani reveals employer branding strategies that will make your company more attractive to potential applicants. Read More


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HirePlanner.com is an innovative SaaS recruiting and employer branding platform designed to help companies attract top talent in Japan by boosting their visibility and improving their candidate engagement while also reducing their average cost per hire. 

HirePlanner provides a wide range of services such as job posting advertising, application tracking, agency management, online career events organization, employer branding video production and other HR consulting services for companies recruiting in Japan.

HirePlanner.com’s HR tech solutions are available in both English and Japanese and include all essential features needed to recruit efficiently in Japan.

HirePlanner’s Main Features and Services

  • Job posting advertising: Free listing on multiple Japanese job sites (Indeed.com, LinkedIn, Recruit.net, etc.)
  • Employer branding consulting services: recruitment marketing, content creation (career websites, social media content, and video production), content localization, content distribution, etc. 
  • Career events organization: for both public and private online and offline events
  • Application tracking system (ATS): simplify your hiring journey and candidate experience
  • Agency management system: collaborate with top recruitment agencies in Japan, customize your preferred vendors’ list, share vacancies, collect introductions and track your agencies’ performance
  • Messenger tool: streamline your communications with candidates and agency consultants
  • Automatic interview scheduling system: Automate your interview coordination process and schedule interviews 90% faster
  • Interview feedback management: keep your candidate records and interview feedback organized
  • Social media integration: maximize your exposure and sourcing channels
  • Data security: protect your business and follow Japanese’s data compliance regulations and much more

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Job Search: www.hireplanner.com/en