MEES International School

Hakusan Main Campus
Address: 5-5-8 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0001


MEES Statement
“A child’s spontaneity and wonder are things to treasure for as long as they last; for the greatest minds, they last a lifetime.”


MEES offers full day and afternoon programs for children aged 1 to 12. At MEES we believe that students have the right to take ownership over their own learning as they engage with fundamental questions. The school nurtures students to become continuous learners who are not afraid of challenges, are versatile, and will embrace new technological developments.



MEES’s teaching approach is rooted in educational philosophies such as the Reggio Emilia approach and the Montessori method, which is grounded in the idea that children are native learners who can learn faster and with more engagement when given the freedom to choose what to learn. The elementary program offers project-based learning (PBL).



PBL is a student-centered, dynamic pedagogical approach that provides opportunities for students to acquire in-depth knowledge by actively exploring real-world challenges. In PBL, subjects are not standalone academic entities—projects determine the needed skills to proceed, which are gathered by students’ own research, AI, and teacher input. Teachers facilitate learning and encourage exploration and discovery. As they learn through this innovative method, children develop key 21st century skills such as the four Cs: Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking, and Collaboration.