SOGO Fitness


Inside all of us is the strength to do more. To run a little further. To stretch a little deeper. To jump a little higher. At times, we all need a little nudge to move along. SOGO Fitness is a community of supporters that looks to bring out the strength inside you. Welcome to our family—as a group, we are stronger together.

SOGO Fitness is organized by people who are passionate about fitness. We range in our diverse backgrounds but are united in our common cause: to change lives through fitness. We are an open fitness community that hosts free weekly workouts and healthy lifestyle events, including outdoor boot camps, group runs, kickboxing, acro yoga, and more. If you’d like to participate, join our Facebook group to find out where and when our events meet each week. Anyone is welcome to participate, so feel free to bring a friend or come and make new ones!


To empower communities to live healthier and happier lives


To connect people through fun, challenging, and social community events


  1. To cultivate future fitness leaders
  2. To spread a culture of optimism, enthusiasm, and courage
  3. To support all members of our community in furthering their wellness initiatives.
  4. To act as a bridge between Japanese and international fitness enthusiasts across different communities and sports