Mori Building to Open Azabudai Hills on November 24, 2023 

Modern Urban Village with a huge open space filled with lush greenery in the world’s largest metropolis

Tokyo, August 8, 2023 — Mori Building Co., Ltd., Japan’s leading urban landscape developer, announced today that Azabudai Hills, a multi-use complex and new world-class neighborhood in Central Tokyo, will open on November 24. This Toranomon-Azabudai District Category 1 Urban Redevelopment Project has been promoted by Mori Building, others, and around 300 landowners for approximately 35 years.

ⒸDBOX for Mori Building Co., Ltd. - Azabudai Hills

Embracing the concept of “Modern Urban Village”, Azabudai Hills is a nature-rich landmark with a world-class business center, attractive retail and residential facilities and a huge open space filled with lush greenery that brings people together. Mori Building’s vision is for Azabudai Hills to become a "Green & Wellness" community, where people live harmoniously with nature and lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Spanning a vast area of approximately 8.1 hectares, Azabudai Hills boasts an impressive 24,000m² of lush greenery, providing a total floor area of approximately 861,700m² that accommodates diverse urban functions, including offices, residences, retail facilities, cultural facilities, educational institutions, and medical facilities.

Azabudai Hills has garnered support from partners who share the vision of creating a green-rich environment and realizing a new urban lifestyle within an integrated urban development. Among these esteemed partners are the Keio University Center for Preventive Medicine; The British School in Tokyo, one of the largest international schools in the city center; Janu Tokyo, the world's first sister-brand hotel of Aman; the Tokyo Venture Capital Hub, which brings together around 70 Japanese venture capitals; approximately 150 retail stores including luxury brands and Azabudai Hills Market; and the renowned Mori Building Digital Art Museum: EPSON teamLab Borderless, previously located in Odaiba. All these exceptional establishments are set to open in Azabudai Hills. Some facilities in Azabudai Hills will open gradually after December 2023.

Mori Building is dedicated to creating a vibrant urban landscape and contributing to the magnetic power of Tokyo through its unique compact city concept, "Hills”, which combines diverse and complementary urban functions. With Azabudai Hills, we will collaborate with our partners to propose a new urban vision of "Green & Wellness" in response to the increasing importance of environmental and health aspects in modern society.

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Azabudai Hills

Launch Schedule

August 30, 2023

Opening of The British School in Tokyo

November 6, 2023

Tests Begin at Keio University Center for  Preventitive Medicine  

November 24, 2023

Official Opening of Azabudai Hills

・Azabudai Hills Gallery

・Retail stores (approx. 100 stores)

・Hills House

・Tokyo Venture Capital Hub

This Winter

Opening of Janu Tokyo (Hotel)

January 2024 (planned)

Opening of Azabudai Hills Market

January 2024 (planned)

Opening of MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM:     EPSON teamLab Borderless

From February 2024 (planned) Opening of Retail stores (10 luxury retail stores)

*For other facilities, please see the shop list.

Central Green (Central Square), Green and Sustainability 

The creation of an overwhelming abundance of greenery

By taking advantage of the topographical differences of the area—including low-rise rooftops on podium buildings— the site accommodates 24,000m² of green space. As a result, Mori Building creates a relaxing urban oasis filled with trees, flowers, and waterscapes in the heart of Tokyo.

ⒸDBOX for Mori Building Co., Ltd. - Azabudai Hills

The dynamic architecture of the lower levels, designed by Heatherwick Studio, blends beautifully with the greenery and creates a rich environment where the entire city is surrounded by lush greens.

Diverse greenery which is related to human activities

Azabudai Hills will provide greenery that relates to human activities with a diverse array of some 320 species of plants. An orchard and garden will be located on a sloping green space overlooking the Central Green. There will be 11 types of fruit trees, including blueberries, lemons and peaches. Sakura-asa Street will have 34 kinds of native vegetation, so people can experience the changing seasons as if they were strolling through the countryside. Cherry blossom gateways will be established at each entrance to Azabudai Hills by planting species that bloom at different times. Starting from Kawazu-zakura in February, Someiyoshino, Yamazakura and Shidare-zakura fully blooming in April, to Fukuroge and Kanzan in early May, people can enjoy cherry blossoms throughout the spring.

Central Green, a symbol square of the complex

The approx. 6,000m² Central Green, a symbol of the complex, will bring people together in a lush green space for rest and relaxation. Crowned bya canopy “The Cloud” designed by Heatherwick Studio, which also worked on the area's distinctive landscape, the Azabudai Hills Arena will be equipped to accommodate a variety of events.

Promote Sustainability

The entire city is promoting citywide efforts to decarbonize and recycle resources. 100% of the electricity supplied to the complex will come from renewable sources, meeting the targets set by the Renewable Energy 100% (RE100). Azabudai Hills is on track to receive a top-level Platinum certification in the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) ND (Neighborhood Development) category for mixed-use developments, and BD+C (Building & Design/Core and Shell Development) certification for newly constructed tenant buildings.

Green area

  (Minato Ward Green Plan System)

Approx. 24,000m²


Approx. 320 species

Central Green

Approx. 6,000m²

Azabudai Hills Arena

Approx. 500m² ceiling 16 meters

ⒸDBOX for Mori Building Co., Ltd. - Azabudai Hills

Azabudai Hills: Facility Details

Keio University Center for Preventive Medicine: Creating Health as an Entire Society

The Keio University Center for Preventive Medicine, originally established in 2012, will now move to Azabudai Hills. Building on its past achievements and striving to provide medical care that accompanies people throughout their lives, the center has been supporting the realization of a society in which all people can enjoy healthy, fulfilling and prosperous lives since its establishment.

Supported by the latest medical equipment and highly specialized university-hospital personnel, the center will provide high-precision physical examinations for early detection of disease risks, as well as a program optimized to meet the individual needs of each patient. Expanded in size as a result of its relocation, the new facility will alleviate congestion and provide a comfortable environment for medical examinations.

The 5th floor will provide various examinations for specific parts of the body and diseases, utilizing the latest medical equipment, and aftercare in collaboration with various departments of Keio University Hospital. On the 6th floor, the new Keio University Hospital Preventive Medicine Membership facility will deliver personalized preventive medicine. Personal support teams and full-body examinations will provide each member with ongoing health-management support tailored to their specific health issues and goals.

5th floor entrance hall to the Center for Preventive Medicine (rendition)

In addition, the center will explore new diagnostic and testing methods for advanced preventive medicine in collaboration with the Joint Research Laboratory. The center also will work with facilities such as the Azabudai Clinic and the AZABUDAI NISHIBORI DENTAL CLINIC located on the fourth floor of the same building, and the HILLS SPA membership fitness club, to promote health throughout the complex.


Mori JP Tower, floors 5-6

Facility area

Approx. 3,900m²


Checkups (5th fl.) & member services (6th fl.)


Tests to begin on November 6, 2023

The British School in Tokyo: One of Tokyo's Largest International Schools

For Tokyo to compete with other international cities, it must attract foreign companies and talented global players from the world, including by improving its living environment for foreign businesspeople and their families. One of the keys will be to enhance its international education environment, given that central Tokyo still has fewer international schools than most other major cities, even in Asia.

The British School in Tokyo, one of the largest international schools in Tokyo, will open in Azabudai Hills on August 30, 2023. The new campus is the culmination of the school's desire to educate children in a relaxed, natural environment in the heart of the city, and Mori Building's vision to support Tokyo's global magnetism. Founded 34 years ago, the school offers a British-style curriculum with a rich international flavor to students of more than 60 nationalities. The new campus will be a lush natural environment for educating young people to become the leaders of tomorrow.

ⒸDBOX for Mori Building Co., Ltd. - Azabudai Hills

The British School in Tokyo


International School, floors B1-7F (Mori JP Tower)

Site area

Approx. 15,000m²


Approx. 740 (planned)


More than 60 nationalities


School: 15,000m² Yard: 2, approx. 900m² (each)


August 30, 2023 (planned)

Art & Gallery: Presenting a Diverse Range of Cultures to the World from Modern Art to Entertainment

Mori Building strongly believes that in cities where there is only economic activity and no culture, it is impossible to attract people from around the world. We are devoted to incorporating "culture" as a crucial element of urban development, creating distinctive cultural facilities within each of our Hills projects. As awareness of the need for wellness has grown, culture and art have become even more vital in enhancing the quality of urban life, providing as they do a more fulfilling experience for city dwellers.

At Azabudai Hills, our approach has been based on the concept of making the “entire city as a museum.” At the center of the overall facility is a museum and art gallery with a total space of around 9,300m². Public art installations are dotted throughout the area, in offices, residences, hotel lobbies and squares, creating a urban space where art and culture blend seamlessly.

Azabudai Hills Gallery

Azabudai Hills Gallery will be the core cultural promotion facility in Azabudai Hills, a development based on the concept that the “entire city is a museum.” Azabudai Hills Gallery is equipped with museum facilities and equipment, and will showcase diverse cultural genres, including art, fashion and entertainment. To commemorate the opening, an exhibition by Olafur Eliasson will be held. Eliasson is a pioneering artist who is also actively involved in environmental issues and who created one of the public artworks for Azabudai Hills.

Azabudai Hills Gallery (rendition)

As an affiliate facility of Azabudai Hills Gallery, the Cafe and Space facilities will offer visitors the opportunity to stop by before or after viewing art. The Azabudai Hills Gallery Cafe will operate as a special cafe in collaboration with exhibitions and events, with a branch store in front of Kamiyacho station offering take-out drinks. The Azabudai Hills Gallery Space will be a facility hosting pop-up stores and other events.


Garden Plaza A, floors B1-MB floor B1;

   Azabudai Hills Gallery Cafe / Azabudai Hills Gallery 

   Space floor MB; Azabudai Hills Gallery

Facility area

Approx. 2,300m²

Display area

Approx. 700m²

Opening Exhibition “Olafur Eliasson Exhibition: A Cycle of Interconnected Moments in Harmony 

©2023 Olafur Eliasson Photo: Jens Ziehe , Olafur Eliasson Firefly biosphere (falling magma star) 2023

Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson is internationally renowned for his artworks that challenge the way we engage with the world around us and, in recent years, for his active engagement with social issues including the climate crisis. Driven by his interests in perception, embodied experience and ecology, Eliasson’s artworks often employ the use of movement, colour and light to invite the viewer to actively co-create their experiences. In this way, Eliasson’s artworks often highlight the entanglement between humans and the natural environment, addressing the shared responsibility we have in shaping the future. Not limited to the confines of the museum and gallery, his practice includes installations, paintings, sculptures and photography, and also architectural projects, interventions in civic space, arts education, policy-making, and climate action.

Public Art: Eliminating the boundary between art and daily life 

(reference artwork) Nara Yoshitomo Miss Forest 2017 Installation view: N's YARD, Tochigi Photo: Morimoto Mie

For the artworks in the public spaces and living environments in Azabudai Hills, a large and lushly vegetated space in the heart of Tokyo, the Mori Art Museum has curated a selection of works that help people to visualize the energy of the natural world that exists in Azabudai Hills, blending the complex’s grand scale with the human scale.

Olafur Eliasson A harmonious cycle of interconnected nows 2023

MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless

ⒸteamLAB MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderles

The digital art museum, a joint project of Mori Building and teamLab, originally opened in Odaiba and attracted 2.3 million visitors from more than 160 countries in its first year. The relocated museum, now set to open at Azabudai Hills, will showcase teamLab's evolving collection of artworks, including several that will make their Japanese debut.

ⒸteamLAB MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderles

teamLab Borderless, a "museum without a map," showcases borderless digital artworks produced by the art collective teamLab. The borderless artworks expand dynamically into adjacent rooms and communicate with, are influenced by, or intermingle with each other. By such a group of works, teamLab Borderless is one borderless world without boundaries. Visitors can additionally immerse themselves in the borderless art to “wander, explore, discover in one borderless world.”


Garden Plaza B, floor B1

Facility area

Approx. 7,000m²


Approx. 560


Approx. 610

Art Venues and Galleries 

Other diverse tenants, each with their own distinctive character, will operate side by side to transmit diverse culture from Azabudai Hills.

“Shueisha Manga Art Heritage” by Shueisha

Manga works such as Eiichiro Oda‘s “ONE PIECE,” Taito Kubo’s “BLEACH,” Riyoko Ikeda‘s “The Rose of Versailles,” and many more represent a genuine genre of art that deserves to be preserved and passed on to future generations. This is a manga art gallery run by the publisher Shueisha. The "Shueisha Manga Art Heritage," which has been available only on Shueisha’s website since 2021, is now available as a permanent gallery in its first real storefront.

“Gallery Restaurant Butaiura” by The Chain Museum

The Chain Museum, which has been operating an online space to give artists and fans a place to interact, will now create a combined gallery and restaurant, appropriately named “Gallery Restaurant Butaiura” (butaiura = “behind the scenes”). Head around the back of the exhibition space and you'll find yourself in the chef's kitchen, where you can enjoy chilled white wine, casual appetizers, and even full-course meals.

Retail Facilities: Enriching Urban Life by Providing New Experiences and Enjoyment

In line with Azabudai Hills’ theme of "Green & Wellness," some 150 stores offering fashion goods, food, cosmetics, culture, art, wellness, and more will gather in an environment that will be accentuated with intense greenery despite its central-Tokyo location. They will support affluent lifestyles for all those who live, work and visit here, a place where people can enjoy not only shopping but also the value of new experiences.

ⒸDBOX for Mori Building Co., Ltd. - Azabudai Hills  Garden Plaza (rendition)

In addition, a large-scale food market called Azabudai Hills Market will be created in the basement of the Central Green area. Boasting an area of approx. 4,000m², it will emphasize the essential richness and enjoyment of food through careful selection of ingredients, Tokyo's rich food culture, and the promise of healthy gourmet lifestyles. Also, to further support affluent and healthy lifestyles through learning, experience and communication, an including specialty stores will be formed and market research will be conducted by collaborating with various facilities and projects.

Azabudai Hills will operate some 23,000m² of a large commercial area, surrounded by beautiful greenery. The Mori JP Tower will include Tower Plaza with an extensive variety of fashion and lifestyle stores and many restaurants, and the low-rise Garden Plaza will feature luxury brands, cafes with liberating terraces, and several high-end restaurants. In total, the new retail facility will offer 150 stores.

Azabudai Hills will forge a strong relationship with its residents and visitors through shopping and dining, enabling people to enrich their lives and enjoy new experiences.


Mori JP Tower, floors B1-4

   Residence A, floors 1-2, Residence B, floors B1-2

   Garden Plaza A, floors B1-3, Garden Plaza B,

   floors B1-2

   Garden Plaza C, floors B1-2, Garden Plaza D,

   floors B1-2

Retail facility area

Approx. 23,000m²

Number of stores

About 150

*For facilities opening after December, please see the shop list.

ⒸDBOX for Mori Building Co., Ltd. - Azabudai Hills Market (rendition)

Azabudai Hills Market 

Azabudai Hills Market, boasting 4,000m2 of retail space, will be located in the basement of the Central Green. Food is an aspect of Japanese culture that we are proud to share with the world. It has developed through the enjoyment of seasonal ingredients produced by the diversity of the country’s nature and geographical features, with various cooking methods that bring out the best of the ingredients, and dishes and serving styles that allow a diverse range of ingredients to be used. 31 of Japan's leading specialty stores have come together to preserve and further evolve this culture.

The spacious basement space is lined with specialty stores offering everything from fresh meat, fish and vegetables to prepared foods, groceries, wine and liquor, baked goods, sweets, flowers, and more. Rare foodstuffs that are only distributed to famous restaurants, seasonal ingredients from Japan and overseas, semi-cooked products as well as ingredients, high-quality processed products, prepared foods handled by specialty stores that are particular about their products, and to-order products including freshly prepared delicacies will also be on offer to add color to everyday dining tables.

ⒸDBOX for Mori Building Co., Ltd. - Azabudai Hills Market

Together with the 31 stores, we will form a store association to promote new initiatives and collaboration with others such as shops, chefs, schools and companies. In addition to the cafeteria-cum-lab space and pop-up space in the market, we will use the town's vegetable garden and plaza to create a place where people can learn, discover and have new experiences. We will also promote wellness and sustainability, constantly challenging ourselves to enrich the life and future through food.

Azabudai Yamayuki Fish Market

Fresh produce (fish)

Yamayuki, a leading wholesaler in Toyosu Market, is opening a fresh fish retail store to bring the richness of Japanese food culture and truly delicious fish to your dining table. Starting with tuna, said to be the best in the world, the lineup includes seasonal fish that varies with the seasons and carefully prepared side dishes that bring out the natural and delicious taste of fish.


Prepared food

"PARLOR YAZAWA" offers delicious meals prepared by "YAZAWA Meat," a wholesaler of Kuroge wagyu beef that runs a thriving chain of restaurants including "Meat Yazawa," a restaurant popular for its top- quality Kuroge wagyu beef hamburger, plus "Yakiniku Jumbo Shirokane" and "Tonkatsu Agefuku." Freshly made hamburgers, fried foods and charcuterie are on offer, and the eat-in options will include a "grown-up kids' lunch" with hamburgers, sausages and fried shrimp.



Established in 1871, the Toyosu Market Wholesale 'Okume Shoten' is a Japanese specialty food store that focuses on dashi soup stock, seasonings and preservative-free products. Its signature custom-made dashi is prepared using 30 natural ingredients, including dried bonito, sardines, kelp and shiitake mushrooms, and sold in packs. They also offer a selection of delicious dishes from all over the country, such as rice and other groceries that have been carefully selected by connoisseurs.



The bakery is represented by Shuichi Osawa, the first Japanese to win the world title at the Mondial du Pan international bread-making competition. Its goal is “bread that Japanese people will love.” There is an extensive lineup of about 100 varieties, from classic bread, baguettes and croissants to deli-loaves and other creative offerings. At Azabudai Hills, the bakery will also have a "Comme'N KIDS" restaurant providing education about food aimed solely at children.


Garden Plaza C, floors B1-1

Facility area

Approx. 4,000m²

Number of stores


*Scheduled to open in January 2024; some stores plan to open earlier.

Luxury brands 

A new luxury street like no other will make its debut, featuring top-class exclusive luxury brands nestling side by side in a lush green environment in the heart of the city.

ⒸDBOX for Mori Building Co., Ltd. - Azabudai Hills

A beautiful streetscape designed by the acclaimed British designer Thomas Heatherwick will house the stores of 10 of these brands, all of them embracing the concept of the city, and with each of them providing a unique experience based on their individual attention for each customer.

Top restaurants 

Azabudai Hills is destined to become a center of gastronomy in Tokyo, led by master chefs who have developed their own distinctive styles while continuing to incorporate new culinary concepts from around the world.

Kagurazaka Teppanyaki Nakamura

Garden Plaza A

Since opening in Kagurazaka in 2011, this famous purveyor of iron-griddle-style cuisine has been serving delicious, premium Japanese beef and seasonal ingredients, cooked perfectly to bring out the best in each ingredient. The relocated facility will also offer oven-baked and charcoal-grilled dishes.

Terakoya Sushisho

Garden Plaza B

After training for 16 years under Chef Keiji Nakazawa of Sushisho, who cultivated his artistry by incorporating Japanese culture and traditions as well as cooking techniques, Chef Tatsushige Somaki will now stand at his own sushi counter in Azabudai Hills to serve guests.

Tempura Niitome

Garden Plaza D

This famous restaurant run by Shuji Niitome, a leader in tempura cuisine, is now expanding to Tokyo. Their "live batter" tempura can only be enjoyed here. The new location will allow global customers to learn how tempura, a Japanese cultural delight, maximizes the aroma, taste and juiciness of food.

Tominokoji Yamagishi

Garden Plaza B

This will be the new Tokyo branch of one of Japan's most famous kaiseki restaurants. While preserving the traditions of Kyoto cuisine, the venue will offer dishes prepared in the spirit of "cha- kaiseki" hospitality, allowing guests to leisurely and fully experience cuisine that expresses the four seasons.


Garden Plaza D

French gastronomy by Hiroyasu Kawate, winner of two Michelin stars, a Michelin Green Star, The World's 50 Best Restaurants and other prestigious awards, will relocate from Tokyo's Gaienmae area to explore the flavor potential of plant-based cuisine and expand its approach to food sustainability. 

Le Salon Privé / Satinée

Garden Plaza A

Issei Narita, who has received worldwide acclaim including "Best of New York" from the New York Times, "Best Pastry Chef" from Asia's 50 Best Restaurants and "Best Patissier Award" from Gault et Millau, will now open this long-awaited locations in Azabudai Hills.

aca°(tentative name)

Garden Plaza A

Owner-chef Tetsuo Higashi opened “acá” in Kyoto in 2013 offering a course menu of Spanish cuisine, and it was awarded a Michelin star for four consecutive years commencing in 2017. At Azabudai Hills, guests can enjoy the chef's handiwork at the counter and on the comfortable terrace, with a range of casual yet sophisticated Spanish dishes.

DepTH brianza

Residence A

This restaurant is the culmination of the Brianza Group's efforts to date, and it allows owner-chef Yoshiyuki Okuno to maximize his skills. In addition to offering an appealing menu using seasonal ingredients, DepTH brianza offers a continuously evolving flexible menu of Italian cuisine, featuring locally produced additive-free ingredients that are in tune with the times, with chef Okuno always listening and responding to his customer feedback.

Main dining, dishes & café shops 

ÉCHIRÉ L’Atelier du Beurre

Garden Plaza B

The ÉCHIRÉ fermented butter used at this establishment has been certified by France’s national AOP institute for its quality. ÉCHIRÉ L’Atelier du Beurre is the largest of all the ÉCHIRÉ specialty stores, selling original pastries and Viennese pastries that can only be found here. It is a place where the taste of the ÉCHIRÉ butter is perfected, and where the unique qualities of the product are created. Visitors can enjoy shopping in a relaxing space while enjoying the sounds and aromas of the baking process.


Tower Plaza

SAAWAAN, a modern Thai restaurant representative of the capital Bangkok, was awarded a Michelin star only 7 months after its opening. Chef EARTH, who received Thailand's Best Chef award, and pastry chef PAPER, who was the first Thai chef invited to participate in the World Women's Pastry Championships, offer authentic Thai cuisine in a more casual bistro style, in a space with an iconic bar counter.


Garden Plaza B

Suzukake is a famous 100-year- old Japanese confectionery store with its main store in Hakata, where long lines of customers often form. Based on the teachings of Saburo Nakaoka, the founder of Suzukake, who was recognized as a "Contemporary Master Craftsman," Suzukake has been expanding the world of Japanese confectionery by mastering the taste and techniques derived using carefully selected ingredients, and by blending them with enterprising experimentation. Here is the only street-level store in the Kanto region where customers can fully enjoy Suzukake's sophisticated and unique space.

Balcony BY 6th

Tower Plaza

A modern classic all-day restaurant that bustles with activity throughout the day. The cozy open-air balcony and the sophisticated restaurant leading from it offer a variety of international cuisine, from timeless classics to dishes created using ingredients and cooking methods from all over the world, along with faultless hospitality and service.

Main product and service shops 


Tower Plaza

OGAKI, a Kyoto-based bookstore that continues to disseminate a variety of culture, has opened its first store in Tokyo. Based on the concept of "a bookstore that connects people with books," OGAKI BOOKSTORE offers a range of carefully selected books. The approx. 1,000m² store also includes a café and art zone, providing a cosy space to stay and enjoy reading at leisure, and the chance to encounter an important book.


Tower Plaza

Launched in London in 1973 by Sir Terence Conran, one of Britain's leading designers, THE CONRAN SHOP is a home furnishings store offering a selection of carefully selected furniture, lighting, and interior accessories from around the world. The spacious 1,330m² store aims to enrich people’s daily lives through inspirational and new- found items and styling.

Deportare Club

Tower Plaza

Deportare Club is a members- only personal training gym that has been supporting the physical and mental health of top athletes and other people in various fields for many years. It provides a superior environment where customers can help each other improve their condition.

Nicolai Bergmann Flowers & Design

Tower Plaza

Nicolai Bergmann's unique floral designs are a fusion of European design and Japanese attention to detail, all the while utilizing Scandinavian style. At Azabudai Hills, visitors can enjoy the world of Nicolai Bergmann in a space that resembles a floral museum.


Tower Plaza

The first MAISON et VOYAGE concept store by Tomorrowland; its theme is a playful gentleman's tastes and travel pursuits. The store offers beautiful shirts that reflects the heart of the wearer, custom-made suits that brighten his or her moment, shoes that continue the journey together, one-of-a-kind vintage items, and other original brands, as well as unique clothing and goods from around the world.


Tower Plaza

PARIGOT is a select store offering more than 300 carefully selected brands. The “new” Azabudai Hills store is a "select closet for ageless fashion". When you open the closet door, you will find the best of the world's high-end designer brands. In this comfortable and luxurious space, with its refined Parisian sense of beauty, you can experience the pleasure of choosing and wearing fashion.


Tower Plaza

An athletic wear brand founded in Vancouver, Canada. lululemon not only offers innovative and beautifully functional training wear, it has also developed a strong bond with the community by working up a sweat together with its customers. In resonance with the concept of Azabudai Hills, lululemon will further support the wellbeing of each and every one of its customers.

Janu Tokyo: Aman’s Sister Brand Hotel to Make World Debut in Tokyo

The lower levels of Residence A (1-13th floors) will be home to Janu Tokyo - the debut of Aman's sister brand Janu which nurtures purposeful connection and is translated as 'soul' in Sanskrit. With guest experience at its centre, Janu Tokyo will provide a spirited social scene, celebrating the city’s rich cultural fabric through the appreciation of cuisine, art, design and service. While valuing social connectedness and local culture, Janu Tokyo will also provide a unique ‘only in Tokyo’ experience.

Denniston Architects, led by Jean-Michel Gathy, was selected to design the interior. The 122 guestroom hotel is located in an ideal location facing the lush Central Green, and features a 4,000m² wellness facility, one of the largest for luxury hotels in Tokyo, with group functional training and fitness gym, as well as eight restaurants and bars perfect for family and group gatherings.


Residence A, floors 1-13

Total area

Approx. 24,600m²

Wellness area

Approx. 4,000m²

Guest rooms


Standard guestroom area



Restaurants, café, bar, wellness facilities
  (including treatment rooms, fitness gym, pool,
  spa houses, etc.), and others

Azabudai Hills Residences: Maximizing Urban Life Affluence while Living among Greenery

Mori Building has long focused on the concept of "living in the heart of the city." The company continues to enrich urban life at its Hills complexes, which compactly integrate urban functions for living, working, recreating, learning and relaxing. That's what "Hills Life" is all about.

Azabudai Plaza Residence

At Azabudai Hills, which is built on the two pillars of “Green and Wellness,” residents will live among lush greenery while enjoying advanced, convenient urban life style. Facilities such as spas and medical facilities will support people‘s health, while food markets, public art and galleries will fill their lives with culture. People will live in harmony with nature to experience mental and physical health as well as highly prosperous and truly human lives. As a part of the Azabudai Hills, the Azabudai Hills Residences will embody supreme functionality in condominiums infused with Mori Building's expertise in creating luxurious residences. Residences overlooking the city center will offer high-quality layouts, amenities and design as well as expertly planned common facilities and personalized services that enrich daily life and warmly welcome guests.

ⒸDBOX for Mori Building Co., Ltd. - Azabudai Hills Residence A

Aman Residences, Tokyo, located at the top of Mori JP Tower and managed in partnership with Aman, the operator of diverse world-class luxury hotels and resorts, will deliver exceptional value as an exclusive residence with just 91 units for the ultimate in serene living.


Mori JP Tower, floors 54-64 / Residence A, floors 14-53

   Residence B, floors 6-64 / Garden Plaza, floors 6-8

Residential units


Leasable area

Approx. 182,800m²


Approx. 3,500

Offices: A Complex Full of Greenery where Everywhere is a Workplace

At Azabudai Hills, the entire complex will function as a unified workplace. Office space (approx. 214,500m² in total) will be offered mainly on floors 7 to 52 of Mori JP Tower, but also in Garden Plaza and Residence B, to support diverse workstyles for approx. 20,000 people. Standard floors in Mori JP Tower will have a leasable area of about 4,800m², one of the largest floor plates in Japan , allowing this world-class office building to fully meet the needs of global companies.

In addition to being surrounded by lush greenery, Azabudai Hills will be designed to function as one huge workplace. Hills House and its systems/services will transform the entire complex into a comprehensive workplace that supports free and creative workstyles in a pleasing environment. Value-added services will include robust BCP measures to ensure safety and security, and RE100-compliant renewable energy will be available throughout the complex.

ⒸDBOX for Mori Building Co., Ltd. - Azabudai Hills


Rentable area

Approx. 214,500m²


Approx. 20,000 workers


Mori JP Tower


Floors 7-52

Leasable area

Approx. 204,600m²

Standard floor area

Approx. 4,800m²

Residence B (small offices)


Floors 3-5

Leasable area

Approx. 4,200m²

Garden Plaza B


Floors 3-5

Leasable area

Approx. 5,700m²

Hills House: Facilities and Mechanisms that turn the Entire Complex to a Workplace

Hills House, a facility on the 33rd and 34th floors of Azabudai Hills Mori JP Tower with a total area of about 3,300m², will be a base that tenant companies and their employees can use the entire city as a workplace. It will function like a "clubhouse" where workers can cross corporate boundaries to gather. Its mechanisms will allow various functions and services in the complex to be customized, thereby serving connecting individual offices and the complex so that they may work together to explore and create more ideal ways of working. The facility can also be used to support wellness in collaboration with other facilities, such as the Centers for Preventive Medicine and fitness, to realize rich and creative workstyles not possible in the offices of individual companies.

A variety of encounters and ideas will emerge from Hills House, a place for exchange and learning, and working, and sometimes relaxing.


Mori JP Tower, floors 33-34

Facility area

Approx. 3,300m²

   Member’s Lounge: Approx. 1,800m²

   Sky lobby: Approx. 720m²

   Grand staircase: Approx. 100m²

   Dining 33: Approx. 700m²

Hills House: Facility Details

Members Lounge 

The Members Lounge (approx. 1,800m²) will feature a cafeteria with healthy menus, a business lounge that serves as a flexible workspace, and a multiuse space suitable for socializing and learning.

Club Lounge (cafeteria)

Healthy menus in this cafeteria-style space meet WELL certification standards and support employees' wellness. In the evenings, the lounge is a bar and lounge that serves alcohol and provides a comfortable space for socializing and casual meetings for individuals and groups. It can also be rented out for events on weekday evenings and all day on weekends.

Work Lounge (workspace)

The Work Lounge will provide a variety of facilities to support healthy workstyles. In addition to a shared workspace, meeting rooms, private booths and a library can be used to work more efficiently and effectively.

Park Lounge (multiuse space)

This will be a flexible base for membership activities. Besides serving as a work lounge during business hours, it will be available on weekday mornings/evenings and on weekends all day for seminars and casual gatherings. In addition to programs such as yoga and stretching, we will develop wellness services that emphasize physical and mental health and connections with society by providing members-only community events and learning opportunities.

Sky Room 

The Sky Room will be the biggest dining space in Azabudai Hills for purposes such as large meetings, corporate chartering support and parties. During normal hours, it will feature a cafe and bar serving drinks, light meals and sweets from the Dining 33 restaurant. The iconic Grand Staircase, measuring eight meters wide and with a nine-meter-high ceiling, will be an inspiring place for dynamic communication and relaxed but memorable presentations during events.

Dining 33

This grand bistro was conceived through the sensitivity and creativity of Chef Kiyomi Mikuni. It will be Mikuni’s first venue to offer large dishes for sharing, creating a sense of intimate togetherness. Dining 33 will be available for diverse occasions, including regular meal service as well as private and business gatherings. Also, "Dining 33 a la maison" patisserie located next to the restaurant will offer gorgeous confections for special occasions, sweets arranged as business gifts, and more.

Tokyo Venture Capital Hub: The First Large-scale Venture Capital Hub in Japan

Azabudai Hills will become home to Tokyo Venture Capital Hub, Japan‘s first large-scale venture capital hub in Japan. Japan Venture Capital Association (JVCA), top independent venture capitalists (VCs) leading Japan’s VC industry, and some 70 companies of corporate venture capitalists (CVCs) backed by Japanese major corporations will gather altogether.

The approx. 3,600m² facility will offer office space, and a co- working area for collaboration to allow the participation of many CVCs. Tenant companies will also have access to convenient lounges and meeting rooms within the facility. The co-working area can be used for events, networking, pitches by VCs and investment-target startups, workshops that contribute to the growth and development of next- generation VCs, and seminars to introduce new technologies. There will also be mechanisms to encourage participation by independent VCs, which supports the Japanese VC industry, and locates their offices in the facility. As a base for supplying risk money that is so indispensable for startup growth, Tokyo Venture Capital Hub will not only facilitate mutual exchange and growth by also function as a catalyst for revitalizing the Japanese economy.

About Mori Building 

Mori Building is an innovative urban developer based in Tokyo. The company is committed to maximizing the magnetic power of cities by creating and nurturing safe, sustainable and cosmopolitan urban centers based on its unique Vertical Garden City concept of high-rise centers for business, education, leisure and residence. The concept is applied in the company’s many leading-edge projects, including ARK Hills, Roppongi Hills and Toranomon Hills in Tokyo and the Shanghai World Financial Center. Mori Building is also engaged in real estate leasing, project management and consultation. Please visit




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