Build a Dream Career at RE/MAX Amistad

A job that gives you a flexible schedule and complete control over your own salary can be a rare thing to find, particularly in Japan. However, that’s precisely the opportunity that RE/MAX Amistad is offering potential agents. The RE/MAX brand is still relatively new in Japan, having just launched here in 2015, but the US-based company is the largest real estate network in the world, and represents a global tradition of excellence. This is the same standard that the RE/MAX Amistad franchise upholds. As Managing Director Tsuyoshi Hikichi explains, the brand name is particularly respected by RE/MAX’s overseas clients. “One of our agents had a client from Europe. And before, they had bought a house in their country through RE/MAX. So when they came to us, they were expecting to have a great experience with RE/MAX agents here in Japan, along with a very high quality of service—and that’s exactly what we provide.”

Growth Potential

In addition to maintaining the standard of a leading global brand, Hikichi is looking for agents who are honest, transparent in their business dealings, and always keep their clients’ best interests in mind. Given that the agency serves Tokyo’s international community, he is placing a premium on bilingual (English and Japanese) candidates, particularly those with experience overseas. He adds, however, even if a potential agent hasn’t lived abroad, a willingness to be open and learn about people from different cultures is a major plus. Hikichi says that the job calls for a different type of agent, because of how the payment system works at the company. “At RE/MAX, our agents earn 90 percent of their commission, with no fixed salary. However, at most Japanese companies, agents get a fixed salary plus a small commission. This is totally different,” he explains. “Our agents have to provide excellent service for their clients in order to earn their salary. This means that our agents need to be assertive, focus on developing their skills, and create their own value. That’s very, very important. But when agents are successful here, there is almost no limit to what they can earn.”

Tsuyoshi Hikichi.

In addition to hiring agents who are willing to take up the challenge of building a career that’s based entirely on their job performance, another thing that stands out about the company is its gender makeup: there are more women at RE/MAX Amistad than men. Hikichi says this was a conscious decision, as he wants to provide female agents with the opportunity to build their own futures and thrive: “I want them to have the opportunity to be successful, and to build the kind of life they dream of.”

Diverse Team

Those joining the RE/MAX Amistad team at the company’s convenient Shinagawa location would work as part of a diverse group, including an agent from Taiwan, as well as Japanese agents with extensive experience living overseas. They’ll also have the opportunity to learn from the company’s collective 20+ years of experience in the real estate industry, build skills with the guidance of management and team members, and use cutting-edge technology to accomplish their tasks.

Hikichi with members of the RE/MAX Amistad team.

While Hikichi has set a high bar for his team members, he also believes that the potential rewards of the position—building an independent career, making a great living, and working alongside other talented agents—speak for themselves. If you’d like to find out more about becoming an agent at RE/MAX Amistad, visit






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