Wayback Burgers Arrives in Tokyo

Foreign burger franchises in Japan are nothing new, which is all the more reason that incoming ones should be interesting and unique. Wayback Burgers has launched in Tokyo, aiming to introduce its classic American style while innovating in a new market. GoConnect takes a look at ways the brand will challenge the formula of expansion for franchises in Asia.

Koichi Ishizuka, the head of Wayback Burgers Asia and Next Meats Holdings, stated that Omotesando will serve as the flagship store for all of Asia, and that Wayback has plans to expand into India, China, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. In this new region, the company plans to open 60 restaurants over the next 20 years. Starting here, they will be serving a menu that can appeal to Japanese tastes—and include vegan options—while maintaining the quality of their core products.

Their double-patty “Classic” burger and “Cheeeesy” burger (featuring four slices of cheese) are made with 100% fresh, handmade ground beef which is pressed and grilled to order. In collaboration with Next Meats, Wayback Burgers can also appeal to vegan customers. Next Meats’ offerings are plant-based products that were developed in response to environmental concerns and health consciousness, but don’t compromise on taste or texture. As well as the Next Meats burgers, there is vegan tuna in the tuna salad and Next Milk, which is their oat milk option. Vegan items have been going viral all over the internet and will definitely be welcomed in a trendy area like Omotesando.

In addition to burgers, Wayback also has a fun side menu of chicken sandwiches, cheesesteak, fresh salads, onion rings, milkshakes, and french fries. The entire menu has been updated and localized by executive chef Carlo Dal Bianco. Wayback Burgers is extremely supportive in adapting its flavors and menu lineup with Japanese palates in mind. As they expand and interact more with their new customer base, there’s a chance we could see completely new items join the current selection.

With this expansion, Wayback Burgers operates in the United States, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, South Africa, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Germany and Japan. Blending innovation with fan favorites means that anyone has a seat at the Wayback Burgers table. The localized menu, vegan options, classic burgers, and outdoor dining in a spacious patio make for a great new spot where customers can drop by and indulge themselves. Check out the link below to find more info and directions to the Omotesando location!

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