5 Ways to Pamper Yourself

Looking to start the new year off right? There’s no better way to do it than by taking good care of yourself. With that in mind, we’ve put together five great ways to make sure that you meet 2023 while putting your best face forward. 

All Things Bath 

home bath

When words like pampering or relaxation are mentioned, the most popular image we tend to visualize is a nice warm bath. Unlike the Western image—featuring lots of bubbles—Japan likes its baths hot and full of natural minerals from onsen or hot springs whenever they can easily access them. In bigger cities, where real onsen water is harder to come across, locals love to visit their sento, which is essentially the local bath house without onsen water. In sento, there are a wide range of bath varieties or technology in place to adapt to patrons’ needs. 

If you prefer your bath time private, home baths are also an option. Japanese drug stores have multiple options when it comes to bath salts. You can also opt for scrubs or face masks, which tend to be called face packs here. Taking a bath in hot water (about 40°C or above) for 15–20 minutes is recommended for optimal benefits. 

If you’re feeling adventurous with your bath, head to CRYO TOKYO for an ultra-low temperature bath. Their baths reach temperatures of -120°C to -196°C using liquid nitrogen to cool your whole body for up to three minutes. This triggers a physical reaction and increases recovery for your whole body. It’s a method that many athletes and celebrities swear by, and is available at only half the price.

Spa Trips

pampering facial

If you’re looking for an option to splurge, massages and facials offer deep relaxation. With professional expertise, the latest techniques, and special ingredients and products, you’re bound to get the highest quality treatments and services. Glow by Tomoko, run by esthetician Tomoko Iwaki, offers a variety of customized facial treatments. With clientele based in New York and Tokyo, Tomoko has helped the most demanding skincare enthusiasts look even better. New clients can get 10% off until the end of February. 

If you’re looking for facials and more, check out our partner at Boudoir Day Spa. They can provide you with a consultation regarding your skin and the ideal regimen for your skincare routine. While Boudoir Day Spa is best known for its signature Brazilian wax and other body waxes, they offer a full range of services, including facials and manicures. All services are offered at a 30% discount for the entire month. 

Exercise and Mindfulness

To unwind your soul from daily stress and worries, why not try out a new type of exercise that you’ve never tried before? In Tokyo, we’re spoiled for choice: from parkour and tricking to rock climbing and dance, the city really has it all. A secret to making exercise stick as a habit is to keep it fun. If you’re not yet sure about how committed you can be, give Sogo Sunday Bootcamp a try. Sogo has instructors who volunteer their time to teach bodyweight exercises for a big group that gathers every Sunday morning at Yoyogi Park at 10am. It’s not only a fun way to work out, but also a great chance to meet new people in town. 

Or have you ever given yoga a try? If you’re discouraged by the language barrier, fear not because Lindsey at Setagaya Yoga Studio (SYS) is offering 10% off per trial class. Yoga is not only a great way to improve flexibility and strength, but it gives you the opportunity to practice mindfully between poses. SYS focuses on slow conscious movements, breathing techniques and meditation, and reflective yoga to promote both physical and mental well-being.

A New Hobby 

cooking as new hobby

Many people think that maintaining our appearance with makeup or bodybuilding is important. However, while it’s less visible, developing mental endurance and clarity is crucial to good health. To glow from within, activities for your brain not only help you think faster, but also prevent forgetfulness and aging. Cooking classes are very popular around town, as they can teach you new techniques unique to Japanese cuisine, while other classes such as crocheting or jewelry-making are a great way to become more crafty, make your home look nicer, or give better and more meaningful gifts. 

Fresh New Look

When was the last time you tried a new look? Maybe there’s something you’ve wanted to try for years but never got the courage to, or you just haven’t changed your closet or hairstyle for the longest time. Either way, a brand-new look can give you a major confidence boost. You can get inspiration for the latest haircuts and color trends by browsing social media, music videos, or magazines. We recommend Fabio Alfano Hairdressing for a fresh cut or even treatment services. Fabio’s team consists of experts from all over Japan. With Fabio himself bringing years of experience from Italy, London and Tokyo, your stylish new metropolitan look awaits, along with a complimentary head spa for new customers. 

With Tokyo almost back to normal, retail has swung back in full force. While we used to lounge around our house in only button-downs and sweatpants, we finally get to dress up on more occasions to meet clients and business partners in person. Keeping “dress to impress” in mind, why not freshen up your closet with a new tailored suit? At Euro Merican Fashions, appointments can be made for both men and women, and the first 10 appointments can get a free pair of trousers—which normally retail for ¥41,000—with any purchase, using the code “special2023.” Euro Merican Fashions was started in 1960 in Hong Kong, and their globetrotting tailor meets and styles world business leaders. Don’t miss the chance to meet them when they’re in Tokyo.  


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