Embrace Adventure and Comfort—Japan’s Best Glamping Experiences

If you’re looking to get out of the house and connect with the outdoors, there’s no better way than a good old camping trip. Packing up the car, tents and poles, and finding the perfect spot can be tedious. As fall rolls around, consider one of these glamping spots, where the tricky parts of the camping experience are taken out of your hands so you can sit back and relax in the beauty of nature.

Minakami Riverside Oasis

Photo: Minakami Riverside Oasis

Canyons in Minakami is known for the adventurous rafting and canyoning experiences they offer, but their riverside glamping facilities allow for a full weekend of fun overlooking the water. Canvas tents filled with amenities evoke the feeling of being on safari. There are tents outfitted with air conditioning, bathrooms, and full kitchens, or more rustic options that offer all of the ambience with the authenticity of camping.

Prefecture: Gunma
Website: https://canyons.jp/

Nesta Resort Kobe

Photo: Nesta Resort Kobe

Nesta Resort has endless adventure to offer: ziplining, waterparks, farm animals, and of course, glamping. This extensive resort has five glamping options, with space for large groups or smaller families. Choose from their luxurious cabins with all the fixings, or opt for a tent to crash in once you’ve thoroughly bouldered, canoed, or played “bubble football.” There are even pet-friendly cabins for those who want to include their dog in all the fun. Enjoy a well-outfitted stay and dine well with a barbecue.

Prefecture: Hyogo 
Website: https://nesta.co.jp/

Snow Peak

Photo: Snow Peak

Developed in collaboration with architect Kengo Kuma, the cabins at the Snow Peak glamping resort are a luxury experience like no other. Snow Peak’s “Jyubako” cabins are boxy abodes made for those who want to connect with nature but prefer a walled and windowed environment. Located in Kannonzaki with a view overlooking Tokyo Bay, Snow Peak invites guests to partake in the neighboring spa, barbecue local foods, and enjoy water activities. 

Snow Peak’s other facility is the “Landstation Hakuba,” nestled in the forest. Here, alongside the Jyubako cabins, they offer more down-to-earth glamping setups with canvas tents that bring you closer to the ground. Never fear—Snow Peak will assure you that even these tents are air conditioned, so even the hottest of conditions won’t deter you from a positive glamping experience. Each reservation at the Hakuba resort includes a visit to Mimizuki no Yu hot springs, so you can fully enjoy the area around Snow Peak. 

Prefectures: Kanagawa, Nagano, Osaka, Niigata, Tokushima and Aichi
Website: https://www.kannon-kqh.co.jp/lp/glamping/en/

Sana Mane

Photo: Sana Mane

Naoshima Island is famous for its art exhibitions, but polka-dot pumpkins aren’t the only seaside structures you’ll find there. The Sana Mane “Glamp Domes” exhibit a recent take on the glamping trend, with dome-shaped lodgings that mimic a tent. The domes allow for added comfort while camping, thanks to the various amenities at Sana Mane. Each air-conditioned dome sleeps up to four people, and you’ll have access to a full bathroom. Relax with an ocean view, or immerse yourself in the greenery of the surrounding trees. 

Prefecture: Kagawa
Website: https://sanamane.jp/en/


Photo: PICA

PICA Resort has several locations suited for cabin-seekers and glampers alike, but their Sagamiko location on the border of Kanagawa Prefecture is most accessible for the metropolitan camper and presents a variety of glamping options. It also is located on the grounds of the Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest amusement park, so the day’s entertainment is just on the horizon. If you’re charmed by the rows of colorful cabins on the hillside, you and your guests can experience the perks of rustic cabin living. If it’s a tent you’re after, PICA has you covered. You can even score a free night of tented glamping with your amusement park ticket.

PICA’s other locations are worth checking out, and each of their resorts has something different to offer. Their Fujiyama location includes a whole village of dome tents with a stunning mountain view. The “Bonfire Base” of their Fuji Saiko location allows you to try a tent without compromising comfort. 

Prefecture: Kanagawa
Website: https://www.sagamiko-resort.jp/camp/index.html

O Park

Photo: O Park

This site in the heart of Saitama offers a multitude of glamping experiences, including cabin and tent options. The glamping tents are glamorously furnished, and their natural lighting and uplifting decor will elevate any camping experience. O Park’s glamping cabins are made for groups of five, and feature full amenities. Fans of the Moomin franchise will be delighted to know that their favorite characters are featured in the “Moomin Special Room,” a domed tent in the woods for specialty-themed glamping. 

Prefecture: Saitama 
Website: https://opark.jp/rooms

Aura Terrace Ibaraki

Photo: Aura Terrace Ibaraki

In the hills of Ibaraki, this glamping space provides peak luxury in combination with the brilliance of Japan’s natural scenery. Select from dome, cottage, or tent lodgings, with dog-friendly amenities and extra bedding to accommodate every member of the family. Relaxation is guaranteed with access to an outdoor sauna, a yoga terrace, and a snack bar that invites you to wine and dine under the stars. Gastronomy is also a central feature, and visitors are provided regional vegetables and meats for a superior cooking experience. If you’re still hungry, making homemade pizza is on the agenda as well. 

Prefecture: Ibaraki
Website: https://www.glamping-ibaraki.com/

Yuzkyu Resort

Photo: Yuzkyu Resort

Standing majestically in the Japanese Alps, Yuzkyu Resort provides endless activities and marvelous surroundings. The stunningly remote mountain resort is located close to Yuzawa, a town renowned for its onsens and ski resorts. Yuzawa is only a 75-minute Shinkansen ride from Tokyo. The dome tents are in the Daigenta area, home to numerous natural wonders. There are a variety of activities available in the Daigenta area, including kayaking, swimming, and hiking. Even when the weather is less favorable, you can still enjoy activities such as bouldering or unwinding in one of the hammocks.

Prefecture: Niigata
Website: https://yuzkyuresort.com/en/

Hoshinoya Fuji Cabins 

Photo: Hoshinoya Hotel

A stone’s throw from Mt. Fuji lies Hoshinoya Fuji. This glamping site hosts luxurious minimalist cabins that are nestled in a red pine hill 100 meters up the slope of a mountain. Each cabin has an immaculate view of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi. Additionally all cabins have access to a dining hall that offers al fresco dining with a view of the picturesque peak. And when you want to explore outside your cabin there are many ways to get around to enjoy the surrounding landscape including private walking and cycling tours, and canoeing along Lake Kawaguchi. 

Prefecture: Yamanashi 
Website: https://hoshinoya.com/fuji/en/

Glamprook Cocoon Houses 

Photo: Glamprook

On Umashima Island in Ehime Prefecture, Glamprook Cocoon Houses offer a seaside glamping adventure. These cocoon-shaped tents include a fully equipped outdoor living room where you can spend time viewing the Seto Inland Sea. Additionally, the tents comfortably fit four people, making glamping a family affair. When you want to explore the island, Glamprook offers boat tours that take you around the island. And after you explore the resort grounds, feel free to enjoy ocean views from the Glamprook onsen.

Prefecture: Ehime 
Website: https://glamprook.jp/umashima/

Myogi Green Hotel and Terrace

Photo: Miyogi Green Hotel and Terrace

Myogi Green Hotel and Terrace offers guests a chance to enjoy the wild luxury of the Myogi Mountains and the Japanese countryside in Fukuoka. This hotel’s property also contains an 18-hole golf course for guests. Additionally, there are a wide array of walking trails to wander that lead to landmarks like Myogi Shrine. Once you finish adventuring around the hotel’s lush natural landscape, you can rest in a natural hot spring onsen. 

Prefecture: Fukuoka
Website: https://www.accordiahotel.com/myogi/glamping/


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