The Hibiya Cinema Festival Shares the Magic of Movies with Film Fans

The Hibiya Cinema Festival is one of Japan’s most anticipated English-friendly movie events in Tokyo. This October, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya is bringing the festival back to Hibiya Step Square for its sixth anniversary. The event will take place from October 12 to 22, every day from 12 to 9pm, featuring a new and innovative way to watch various foreign and local films. Cinephiles and the general public are encouraged to enjoy other cinema-related events in and around the venue. Events include director’s panels, an exhibit at the Hibiya Kinejun Museum, and more. Although open screenings are free of charge, visitors are encouraged to arrive early or reserve seating to avoid crowds.

The Day Screen at Nagara Cinema

The event this year will take place outdoors, aiming to elevate the cinematic experience through the 2023 theme—nagara cinema, meaning “cinema while doing something else.” Movie lovers will be presented with an immersive environment featuring a large LED screen and six distinct viewing zones designed to stimulate all five senses. These zones include the Step Zone, Park Zone, Relax Zone, Infinity Zone, Hammock Zone, and Eating Zone—encouraging visitors to enjoy movies while participating in various activities, socializing, and relaxing. The screen will light up during the day with a diverse collection of Hollywood blockbusters, including classics like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and entries from the Harry Potter series, ensuring there is something for visitors of all ages. In addition, 15- to 20-minute-long short films from around the world will play between each main movie screening for those short on time. 

Here is a lineup of movies you don’t want to miss. Check the event schedule here for a more detailed list.

October 14, 1pm: Minions: The Rise of Gru
October 15, 1pm: Ghostbusters
October 16, 3pm: Top Gun
October 17, 3pm: An Inconvenient Truth
October 18, 3pm: Chef
October 19, 3pm: The Intern
October 20, 3pm: Elvis
October 21, 1pm: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, 4pm: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
October 22, 1pm and 4pm: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
October 22, 1pm and 4pm: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
October 22, 1pm and 4pm: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
October 22, 1pm and 4pm: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
October 21, 1pm: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, 4pm: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
October 22, 1pm and 4pm: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Venue: Hibiya Step Square

The Fifth Toronto Film Festival in Hibiya

Presented in collaboration with the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre and supported by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, the Fifth Toronto Japanese Film Festival is coming to Tokyo Midtown Hibiya. Experience a showcase of Japanese films that have gained recognition on the international stage. Among the featured films are Offbeat Cops, The Fish Tale, and We’re Broke My Lord, all with English subtitles to eliminate any language barriers. Commencing with a director panel on stage, the evening screenings will take place every night after the day screenings at Hibiya Step Square. 

October 13, 7pm: Taking the Pictures
October 14, 7pm: We’re Broke My Lord
October 15, 7pm: Offbeat Cops
October 16, 7pm: Anime Supremacy
October 17, 7pm: The Fish Tale
October 18, 7pm: Zen Diary 
October 19, 7pm: Lonely Castle in the Mirror
October 20, 7pm: Father of the Milky Way Railroad
October 21, 7pm: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Venue: Hibiya Step Square

Premium Theater for Three Days Only at TOHO Cinema Hibiya

TOHO Cinemas in Hibiya is featuring three blockbuster Hollywood hits from October 16 to 19. The theater offers a top-notch viewing experience, with its premium sound system, seating, and TCX screen. The action kicks off October 16 with Top Gun: Maverick, followed by the spectacular The Greatest Showman on October 17. The finale of the Toho Cinemas Premium Theatre event will be Bohemian Rhapsody on October 19. Immerse yourself in the jaw-dropping effects, thrilling action sequences, and vibrant cinematography with these three Hollywood hits in the highest-quality setting.

Don’t miss out on this cinematic experience. Book tickets for these three special screenings at Toho Cinemas Hibiya Tokyo today. A ticket is required for the premium theater event. Please contact TOHO Cinemas Hibiya for details 050-6868-5068

October 16, 7pm: Top Gun Maverick.
October 17, 7pm: The Greatest Showman.
October 19, 7pm: Bohemian Rhapsody.
Venue: Toho Cinemas Hibiya, Theater 00
Tickets are required for entry.

First Ever Collaboration with the PGA Tour

For the first time, the Hibiya Cinema Festival will show its support for fall sports. This collaboration with the PGA will showcase 13 captivating documentaries centered around golfers and the PGA Tour. Additionally, highlights from past championships will be screened. Keep an eye out for documentaries on some of the sport’s most renowned superstars, including Tiger Woods, Keito Nakajima, and Rory McIlroy. If you’re a golf fanatic, make sure to arrive early every day to watch your favorite stars on the big screen.

Netflix N-Series: Full Swing: One Shot Can Make the Difference
October 13, 16, 19, 11am: Episode One
October 14, 17, 20, 11am: Episode Six
October 15, 18, 11am: Episode Eight

PGA Tour Profiles
October 13, 11am: Hideki Matsuyama: The Hideki Effect
October 14, 11am: Tiger Woods: Captain Comeback
October 15, 11am: Keito Nakajima: Keito Rising
October 16, 11am: Rory McIlroy: The Evolution of a Champion
October 17, 11am: Jordan Spieth: Capturing the Moment
October 18, 11am: Justin Thomas: Movie Star
October 19, 11am: Culture Shot: 40th anniversary of Isao Aoki’s miraculous hole-out in Hawaii
October 20, 11am: Rising Sons: Matsuyama Inspires Japan’s Next Generation

ZOZO Championship Highlights
October 21, 11am: ZOZO Championship 2019 Winner, Tiger Woods
October 22, 11am: ZOZO Championship 2021 Winner, Hideki Matsuyama
Venue: Hibiya Kinejun Lounge

Kinema Junpo Magazine Exhibit, Hibiya Kinejun Museum

Hibiya Kinejun Museum is collaborating with Kinema Junpo, the oldest film magazine in the world. Dating back to 1919, Kinema Junpo is still published today, providing cinephiles and movie buffs with industry news, new releases, and interviews with famous actors and directors. The Kinema Junpo Magazine cover exhibit showcases the magazine’s rich history, featuring vibrant covers and posters from the 70s and 80s.  

October 13–November 13
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya B1, Hibiya Arcade

If you are looking for a unique and immersive cinema experience, don’t miss out on the innovative movie-going environment this year’s Hibiya Cinema Festival offers. Check the event schedule beforehand to avoid missing the screenings of your favorite movies.

Visit the festival’s official site: 

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