English-Friendly Japanese Cooking Classes in Tokyo

Course 1: Create Your Own Party Sushi Platter

Make your trip even more memorable with Livitaz’s hands-on sushi platter making class! Cooking washoku with friends, family, and locals is sure to provide an atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. This engaging experience will transform you into a true sushi master, capable of throwing sushi parties at home.

Learn new skills—and best of all, savor your creations at the end.

Dishes include sushi roll, temari sushi (ball-shaped sushi), Japanese omelet, and miso soup. You will learn how to make two different kinds of sushi, and quintessential dashi stock for miso soup. Language barriers aren’t a problem—our instructors are all friendly, English-speaking locals who are happy to assist you.

This course is recommended for families, couples, friends, and for corporate events.

All ingredients, supplies, and an apron will be provided for you. Our goal is to provide easy-to-prepare dishes that guests can effortlessly replicate in their own kitchens. At the end of the course a digital recipe will be provided so you can try again back at home.

After all of the cooking is finished, finally, it will be time to say “Itadakimasu!” 

Course 2: The Ubiquitous Japanese Beef Rice Bowl: Gyudon with Side Dishes

Ready to start cooking? Roll up your sleeves and try your hand at gyu-don making. 

Gyu-don is a classic Japanese dish. The savory bowl of rice topped with sliced beef simmered in a soy sauce-based sauce will surely work wonders on your taste buds. Acquire new culinary skills and have fun by opting for this English-friendly Japanese cooking class. Dishes include gyu-don, miso soup, Japanese omelet, and pickled cucumber. The instructors are all English-speaking locals who are happy to assist you. Learn some tips, hear stories of each recipe, and find out about some of the typical Japanese seasonings which are frequently used.

While making miso soup, you will learn the art of dashi, the fundamental soup stock of Japanese cooking. Our goal is to provide easy-to-prepare dishes that guests can easily recreate back home! You will be given a digital recipe so you can make them at home.

Course 3: Simple and Fun-to-Make Inari Sushi Party

While there are plenty of must-see landmarks in Japan, experiencing traditional Japanese food (washoku) is an essential part of your trip. Get the best of both worlds by not only tasting delicious Japanese dishes but also making them. Sharing the joy of cooking with your friend makes for an unforgettable experience! 

Inari sushi, traditional sushi made of vinegared rice tucked inside sweet and salty deep-fried tofu pockets, is just one of the dishes you will master. Known as inarizushi in Japan, it is one of the easiest types of sushi to make at home. You can make a satisfying little snack and the perfect finger food to serve at your next home gathering with our recipe. In this course, you will learn how to make proper sushi rice and two variations of inari sushi. Additionally, while making miso soup, you will learn the art of dashi, the fundamental soup stock of Japanese cooking. If you are a sushi lover, this course is for you! Inari sushi is also vegetarian and vegan-friendly, so if you prefer a vegetarian version, feel free to request it.

Course 4: World-Famous Teriyaki Chicken Bento with Onigiri

Teriyaki chicken is one of the most authentic forms of washoku. Cook and savor this delicious combo of chicken and onigiri, topped with classic teriyaki sauce from scratch with local Japanese chefs. This fun cooking class is perfect for travelers that enjoy hands-on experiences during their vacation. The lesson is packed with a series of interesting insights into Japanese food culture and useful tips on cooking Japanese meals. You won’t focus only on juicy, flavorful, and mouthwatering teriyaki chicken, you’ll also cook miso soup, Japanese omelet, and onigiri (rice ball). Once you have mastered the secrets of teriyaki sauce and cooking the perfect teriyaki chicken, take a seat and taste your homemade meal. Then head back home with new skills to show your friends and family how authentic teriyaki chicken tastes.

What’s Included

  • Local cooking instructor
  • Recipes
  • Ingredients
  • Apron

Exclusive Offer for Your Ream

To sweeten the deal, we have a special offer—one person can join the course entirely FREE of charge! Additionally, your team will get to enjoy a complimentary sake tasting.


Feel free to contact us for more information about this course. We can also conduct a lesson at your home or any place designated for cooking! Email us at info@livitaz.com or call 050-3375-6458.

Venue: Kitchens located in central Tokyo. You can consult with us to pick the best venue for you considering location and your group size.

Price: Priced at ¥15,400 (including tax), our cooking class offers incredible value for your corporation. Please note that the minimum number of participants required is 6 people. However, if your group is smaller, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we’ll gladly discuss suitable arrangements.

Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum of 6 guests required to run the experience..
  • Please consult with us if the group is bigger than 30 people.
  • Those with allergies and/or dietary restrictions may be accommodated upon request.
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