5 English-Friendly Reservation Services in Japan

Japan is a country known for its culinary excellence and vast array of diverse dishes. Tokyo alone has the most Michelin-starred restaurants per city in the world. There’s no doubt that Japan has amazing food to offer, but finding the best can be overwhelming. High-end restaurants get booked quickly and the language barrier can be a problem when scheduling a reservation. 

Of course, while you can have food from some of your favorite restaurants delivered to your door, for those who love going out there are plenty of English-friendly restaurant reservation services in Japan that will make your experience so much easier! Here are our top choices for the platforms that make booking a snap.  


Don’t let the name mislead you, the Omakase reservation service features many more restaurants than those offering just traditional omakase experiences: it specializes in fine dining. The first page of the site features their curated lineup of Michelin-starred restaurants around the country. If you are looking to treat yourself for a luxurious night out, look no further than Omakase. 

Alongside a vast selection of sushi restaurants, Omakase provides reservations for many other types of washoku, such as yakiniku. Omakase has a prime selection of event restaurants if you are looking to really celebrate. The site covers most of Japan. Just select what area you are in and make reservations at anything from established high-end restaurants to up-and-coming spots all across the country. Its easy-to-operate interface and detailed information on each individual restaurant make this app one of the easiest for English speakers to use. 


JPNEAZY is a great English-friendly restaurant reservation service if you are looking for high-end dining near you. A special feature on JPNEAZY is that you have access to reviews for each restaurant. You can see what other restaurant goers think before making your decision for your night out. The website also provides you with a price range and exact location for each restaurant. And if you are feeling really fancy, turn on the “only Michelin” function. 

Another impressive feature on the JPNEAZY website is the “menu” option. If you see the menu icon on select restaurants on the JPNEAZY app, it means you have the option to order and pay for your food from the app. That means you don’t have to worry about the language barrier when you go to the restaurant. (Note that this function does not apply to beverages.) 

Rakuten Travel Experiences

Similar to other reservation services on this list, Rakuten Travel Experiences (RTE) offers in-depth information about the restaurants available on its service. The app has an easy-to-use interface and provides the user with specific information to help them narrow down their search. Feeling like Chinese food? Just click that option, and then the neighborhood closest to you. Alongside basic restaurants, this service helps you find dining experiences including eating on a yacht, omakase experiences, and outdoor restaurants. You can even find dog-friendly cafes.

Once you have found your restaurant, RTE provides a map with the exact location of the restaurant so you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding it. Another helpful feature this service offers are restaurant reviews and images. You can see the food and learn more about what customers think. This service doesn’t just make finding the perfect restaurant easier, it also makes reservations easier. Just follow the simple steps on the website and you will have your reservation booked. 

Pocket Concierge

Pocket Concierge allows you to find high-end restaurants in Japan easily. The vast selection of fine dining restaurants along with the easy-to-use service makes it one of the best apps to use to reserve a spot at restaurants. Some of its features include a keyword search and price range option. There is always an option that lets you search for an inexpensive meal or treat yourself to something on the fancier side. 

The site allows users to select a city, the genre of food, and the type of seating you want. If you want to sit at a bar and try Japan’s best brews, just select that option and the site will provide you with places you can dine comfortably. You can also choose when you want to eat, so you can find restaurants that are open at the right time. 


ByFood is one of the most diverse reservation services on this list. The service offers a large variety of culinary services and experiences—there are nearly 2,000 restaurants among its listings. And it’s a service that is doing good: for every reservation you make, ByFood donates 10 meals to schoolchildren in need. Additionally, ByFood makes it easier to schedule food tours, and other culinary experiences in various areas around the country. Ever wanted to make mochi? ByFood makes that a reality. They also offer a variety of other cooking classes

The culinary possibilities don’t end there. ByFood will help you make the perfect culinary itinerary for yourself and your travel partners. If you have dietary restrictions, are vegan, or vegetarian, ByFood will help you find the best places. And if you can’t make it to Japan, watch ByFoods’ cooking classes online so you won’t miss out on the Japanese culinary experience. 

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