Rare Delight: Tokyo’s Hidden Gem for Kobe Beef Lovers

Known for its rich marbling and unmatched flavor, wagyu, or Japanese beef, is prized not only in its home country but around the world. And while there are a variety of wagyu brands that are celebrated for their high quality, Tamura beef is recognized by many connoisseurs as the finest of its kind. It comes exclusively from female cows that are raised in Hyogo and Tottori prefectures. Only 1,000 head of this rare cattle, whose meat stands out for its soft and smooth texture, is shipped around the country each year. Tamura beef has won three consecutive first prizes at an annual competition held at Tokyo Meat Market and multiple first prizes in the Kobe Beef Contest. It has also been served to a US president on his visit to Japan. 

Yakiniku Tamikya restaurant in Tokyo

There are only a few locations in Tokyo where you can enjoy Tamura beef, and perhaps the most welcoming is Yakiniku Tamakiya. The restaurant was founded by second-generation restaurateur Jun Kuroda, who opened Il Ponentino in Ginza 14 years. He was inspired to launch Yakiniku Tamakiya after recognizing that the wagyu concept would be welcome among discerning diners in the area around Kasumigaseki. The restaurant takes its name from Kuroda’s partner at the restaurant and fellow Keio University graduate, a butcher named Yasuhiko Tamaki.

Deep Dining 

Yakiniku restaurant owner Jun Kuroda and his wife, Erika Kuroda

Kuroda explains that when he was researching other restaurants in Tokyo that serve Tamura beef, he found that many would serve the meat teppanyaki style, prepared by a chef. This meant that diners would often have to wait a long time to enjoy their meals. Kuroda wanted to make sure that guests at his restaurant, where you grill at your table, had a different experience. “I think that interacting with your friends, family or colleagues while you cook your own food is a very good form of communication. You can even have fun trying different cooking styles.”

English-Friendly Restaurant in Tokyo 

The family-friendly restaurant also stands out for its inviting and cosmopolitan atmosphere, where everyone from business groups to couples with children can feel welcome. Kuroda points out that his staff come from hotel backgrounds, and some speak French and Italian in addition to English. The English menu includes a variety of cuts that can be ordered à la carte, but diners can also select from copious courses that present the beef in a variety of ways: served with flavorful sauces, as sushi, and in curry. An equally impressive wine list features vintages from France, Italy, and California. 

At Yakiniku Tamakiya, Kuroda is proud to offer his guests a high-quality dining experience as well as an opportunity to appreciate the country more deeply. “Here, you can taste the best beef in Japan. I think it’s a treasure of Japanese culture.”

Website: www.tamakiya.tokyo/en/
here to make a booking or call 03-6550-8299
Lunch: 11–3pm; last order at 2:30pm
Dinner: 5:30–11pm; last order at 10pm
Address: Japan Tokyo Club Building 1F, 3-2-6 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku
Nearest Stations: A 5-minute walk from Toranomon Station and an 18-minute ride from Shibuya Station on the Ginza Line

Mention GoConnect when you schedule a reservation to receive one free soft drink, beer, or glass of wine with your dinner. This offer expires on November 30th. 

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