A Grand Day: Malvern College Tokyo Marks Its Official Opening with Gala Event

Since its founding in Malvern, England, in 1865, Malvern College has established a long tradition of academic excellence, teaching future Nobel laureates, world leaders and cultural icons. It has also spread across the globe, having opened campuses in China, Hong Kong, and Egypt. Marking a new milestone in this venerable tradition, Malvern College Tokyo—the institution’s 10th campus world­wide—opened its doors in August 2023. The school has already made impressive strides in offering a truly exemplary educa­tion to its students. It offers a holistic curriculum, encouraging learners to not only develop their academic and technical skills, but also crucial soft skills, while its inclusive learning model emphasizes playfulness and experimentation, inspiring children to become active problem solvers through a variety of hands-on activities.

Great Progress

These qualities and values took center stage when the school recognized the official commencement of its first academic year with a grand opening ceremony on December 4. The event was attended by more than 300 guests from the fields of politics, education, and business. Officiating guests at the event included Julia Longbottom, the British ambassador to Japan; Professor Roger D. Kornberg, Nobel laureate for chemistry and professor at the School of Medicine of Stanford University; Jacqueline So, co-founder and chief executive of Malvern College International; Keith Metcalfe, head­­­master of Malvern College; and Mike Spencer, founding headmaster of Malvern College Tokyo. In his opening remarks, Spencer said that the school has made great progress in a short time, thanks to an inspired teaching staff. “In the three months that have passed since Malvern College Tokyo opened, I have been immensely impressed by the dedication and professionalism of our outstanding faculty. Their passion and enthusiasm are infectious, as is their desire to motivate and inspire our pupils every day.”

So explained to the audience that Malvern College Tokyo will be a hub of diverse learning and personal growth. “This sanctuary of learning is not just another school, but a place where young minds will be nurtured and inspired to embrace an international mindset, entre­preneurship, financial literacy, science, sports, and environmental conscious­ness.” She continued, “Together, we will create an environment where curiosity is nurtured, creativity is unleashed, and potential is realized.”

Tradition and Innovation

Continuing a history of excellence is at the heart of Malvern College’s mission, and Metcalfe expressed his conviction that this newest campus would be a sterling expression of this legacy. “I have no doubt that in Malvern College Tokyo, the values, strengths and ethos of Malvern—fortified for the past 160 years—will continue to thrive,” he said. “My own experience has taught me that Malvern is truly defined by the qualities and relationships which bond people together—yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I am sure this tradition, rooted in the power of relationships, will be carried on at Malvern College Tokyo.”

Ambassador Longbottom, who co-hosted the launch of Malvern College Tokyo at the British Embassy in February 2023, highlighted the potential for the campus to be a bridge between two countries. “It is a school which can draw on the strengths of two distinct cultures as you look to extend the boundaries of international education in Japan,” she said. In his closing remarks, Professor Kornberg spoke about the school’s potential to be a nexus for the pursuit of scientific inquiry. “Malvern College Tokyo, with its state-of-the-art facilities and well-equipped laboratories, is poised to become a hub of scientific exploration and discovery. I am thrilled to witness the passion for learning and the thirst for knowledge that exists within this community.” Punctuating the speeches during the event were musical interludes performed by students from Malvern College Tokyo, as well as its sister schools in Chengdu and Hong Kong. The event concluded with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a toast among the officiating guests.

After the grand opening, Professor Kornberg led two masterclass sessions with primary and secondary students, where he answered questions from children about the qualities it takes to be a scientist, his own scientific journey and the state of leading-edge research in biotech­nology and medicine. It was clear from the questions the pupils asked and their engage­ment with the Nobel laureate that the spark of curiosity, from which all learning begins, is burning bright at Malvern College Tokyo.

Discover more about the school at www.malverncollegetokyo.jp

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