Health & Beauty Clinic Le Coquelicot Helps Its Patients Achieve Their Ideal Look

Health & Beauty Clinic Le Coquelicot, located in Ginza, has been providing high-quality aesthetic treatments for the past 18 years, with a track record of thoroughly satisfied patients thanks to their dedication for offering comfort and convenience. As a “borderless” clinic, it provides services and consultations that are English-friendly and it places no constraints on gender or nationality. In fact, many patients visit the clinic from across the globe to receive their world-class medical treatments that harness the latest technology and high-quality materials to achieve patients’ ideal look. 

Kuriko Kimura, M.D., Ph.D., Le Coquelicot’s founder and director, provides a personalized approach, with a keen aesthetic eye as well as the expertise to determine how individual treatments may affect each patient. Kimura and Le Coquelicot’s personnel constantly strive to learn from new developments in the industry.

Botox Anti-Aging Treatments

For patients with wrinkled skin on the forehead, frown lines, or crow’s feet, Botox can truly be a godsend. By suppressing muscle hypertrophy, it works to remove wrinkles and lessen the appearance of aging. This treatment also works for those who are prone to excessive sweating, which Botox treats by selectively turning off sweat glands. 

Le Coquelicot adopts a unique and personalized approach, with the clinic’s doctor adjusting Botox amount and concentration for each individual patient, carefully assessing which methods will lead to the best outcome and where the injection should be made. To further ensure patients are pleased with the treatment, Kimura offers follow-up treatments at a reasonable price to enhance the results achieved from the initial Botox injection. This is one of the unique services at Le Coquelicot. In recognition of its excellence, Le Coquelicot has received the Allergan Beauty Award for seven years in a row.

Hair Removal with Medical-Grade Lasers 

For those seeking to eliminate unwanted hair, Le Coquelicot uses state-of-the-art technology and expert techniques to offer effective treatments. Thanks to the cutting-edge laser hair removal machine, the Soprano Titanium, the clinic has been able to provide its patients with superior results regardless of skin type or the color or texture of their hair. It also reduces the pain that patients would otherwise experience with other hair-removal technology. 

Before beginning treatment, Le Coquelicot’s expert personnel will conduct a strategic analysis to determine which procedure and machine would be the best match for a given patient’s skin type or hair color. In addition to the Soprano Titanium, the YAG is a laser that is better at removing hair from patients with darker skin, while for patients with lighter skin, the DUET machine would be used.

Cellactor: A Shockwave Therapy Treatment for Breaking Down Fat

Cellactor is an acoustic wave therapy technique that is often used as a non-invasive body slimmer, but also assists with facial tightening and has anti-aging effects. It uses strong pressure waves to artificially break down fat and tissue and triglycerides. The procedure also benefits those with stiffened or deteriorated muscles. In order to achieve the best results and reduce pain, Kimura adjusts the power of the pulse to each patient’s skin condition. The device administers two different types of waves: one is the converging focused type (C-ACTOR) and the other is a scattering radial type (D-ACTOR). Together, these waves work to break down white adipose tissue and expel it, along with other body waste products, from the body. 

These qualities make the Cellactor optimal for those looking for a skin-tightening or anti-aging treatment, and patients often see improvements in wrinkles, skin pores, and sagging skin after treatments. An article published by Kimura about Cellactor was recognized by WILEY as a Top Downloaded Article.

Other Popular Treatments

Some of Le Coquelicot’s most popular treatments include Botox, hyaluronic acid filler, Cellactor, Titan, Genesis, Limelight, laser hair removal, hydrafacial, PICO laser toning, high-dose vitamin C drip, glutathione drip, and placenta injection. However, the clinic particularly recommends a variety of laser treatments and the vitamin C drip. 

Le Coquelicot offers a variety of laser treatments tailored for each patients’ skin type. For example, Broad band light (BBL) machines harness light for medical aesthetic use. BBL SkinTyte by Sciton, one of the most well-known laser machines, works to improve skin elasticity while also addressing pigmented lesions, skin flushing, and discoloration by increasing amounts of collagen and elastin. This treatment boosts the body’s natural healing process, which in turn promotes youthful-looking skin by delivering uniform and targeted deep heating to dermal collagen. 

Furthermore, their vitamin C drip is an optimal low sodium drug formulation that is produced by Mylan Institutional. It fights free radicals, boosts anti-aging properties, and supports immune system function. At Le Coquelicot, only the highest-quality, preservative-free vitamin C is administered. 

At Health & Beauty Clinic Le Coquelicot, staff work to provide their patients with the utmost care and service. With high-quality medical care provided with courtesy and respect, the clinic ensures that all patients who walk through its doors feel comfortable during the treatment process, and leave satisfied with their results. Le Coquelicot looks forward to welcoming you very soon!

Health & Beauty Clinic Le Coquelicot
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