Seibo Japan’s Mission to Bring Change to Malawi

Seibo Japan is a Japanese NGO dedicated to global change that seeks to eradicate child hunger in Malawi. While it is recognized as one of the world’s poorest countries, Malawi also is renowned for its peacefulness and known as “the Warm Heart of Africa.” With a population of more than 20 million, half of whom are under 18, children’s health and education are paramount concerns in the country.

Seibo is predominantly funded by Mobell Communications—better known in Japan as Mobal or MobalPay—and began addressing child malnutrition in Malawi with the help of profits from SIM/eSIM, Wi-Fi, and payment card sales in Japan and elsewhere since 2016. Today, the organization funds daily school meals to more than 17,000 children daily across Malawi and is further supported by donations and sales of Malawian coffee. It is also feeding children in 17 Community-Based Childcare Centres (CBCC), 28 nurseries, and 12 elementary schools as of April 2023.

Coffee & Social Impact

The Warm Hearts Coffee Club is Seibo’s online coffee subscription site. A key component of the organization’s work, it supports Malawian coffee farmers and fosters regional development. The coffee, named after Malawi’s peaceful moniker, is sold online and in-person at various events. It’s not just great coffee—it is a means to share Malawi’s story.

The Warm Hearts Coffee Club combines specialty coffee with a commitment to social impact. As Japan’s only non-profit coffee subscription service, it focuses on providing high-quality Malawian coffee with an emphasis on transparency and ethical sourcing. Coffee can be ordered online and delivered to your home or workplace within days of roasting. It is roasted in Tokyo’s Tsukishima district, ensuring quality control and a meticulous approach to crafting each batch of coffee. Proceeds from coffee sales are used to support Seibo’s mission of eliminating child hunger in Malawi. The organization’s commitment to social impact is embedded in every transaction.

Warm Hearts Coffee Club’s business model reflects a harmonious blend of specialty coffee, ethical sourcing, and a non-profit structure with a clear social mission. Through this innovative approach, the organization not only provides a premium coffee experience to customers but also contributes to positive change in Malawi, making a meaningful impact on child hunger and education. To purchase your coffee and contribute to school meals in Malawi, visit

Educational Impact and Coffee

To boost Warm Hearts Coffee sales and raise vital donations, Seibo actively collaborates with  more than 40 schools in Japan, from kindergartens to universities, leveraging student assistance. This initiative goes beyond sales, aiming to raise awareness through workshops tailored to each organization’s needs. The project not only increases contributions to Malawi, but also serves as a platform for students to reflect on global issues, with some even pursuing related paths in universities.

One example of this is Shizuoka Futaba Junior High School and Senior High School, a Catholic school with a keen interest in charity. At the school, a Seibo staff member hosted a number of lectures and workshops that explored topics that included Malawi and fair trade, how coffee sales become charitable donations, and how to drive sales at events, after which students sold Malawian coffee during a school function. Through the students’ effort and ideas, an amount equivalent to 3,300 school meals in Malawi was raised at a single event. The school continues to sell  Malawian coffee at events, increasing their support for children in Malawi. Through the course of learning, thinking, and selling, students were able to acquire knowledge and foster their curiosity about global affairs as well as experience project management and charity.

For details about the specifics of each school partnership, please visit here.

Impact Beyond Meals

Seibo also recognizes the extensive social impact of school meals in Malawi. It’s an issue that spans education, health, gender equality, economic development, food security, and poverty alleviation. School meal initiatives have significantly increased elementary school enrollment, breaking the cycle of poverty and fostering long-term positive connections with gender equality. You can discover more about the impact of this project here.

SDGs and Corporate Partnerships

Seibo is fortunate to collaborate with corporations sharing similar values, particularly those aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Media partnerships with companies such as Mirasus for SDGs, Spaceship Earth, SDGs Meet, and Lookat contribute to spreading awareness. For example, Mirasus for SDGs, which is operated by Mirasus Onchu Co., Ltd., aims to gradually move towards achieving SDGs from the perspective of accumulating individual efforts. It is a media platform that allows writers to publish articles related to SDGs, and they interviewed Seibo to share the core themes of the SDGs with a wider audience. Corporations also support Seibo through CSR initiatives, often purchasing Malawian coffee for gifts and internal consumption. For detailed information on SDGs and CSR collaborations, please click here and here.

Future Goals: A Sustainable Impact Vision

The organization envisions an expanded network of educational institutions actively engaged in their mission, cultivating unconventional learning methods to enrich the lives of the younger generation in Japan and Malawi. The organization aims for stronger connections with corporations, striving to change the culture of charity in Japan by increasing awareness of corporate connections, SDGs, and CSR.

Seibo Japan remains dedicated to fostering relationships in Malawi and Japan, presenting visionary products for a shared future. For those interested in supporting its mission or collaborating, contact or visit the official website:

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