World’s First Immersive Theme Park

Horror, sleaze and fairy tales as Tokyo unveils another first

The blood and gore of Victorian London; German burlesque, witches and fairy tales; plus terrorism, kidnap and other contemporary vice are on show in Tokyo at the world’s first immersive theme park.

The PR blurb for the Europe-centric Immersive Fort Tokyo went: “Through a myriad of complete immersion experiences that intensely stir emotions and cannot be replicated in virtual or digital realms, we aim to deliver a groundbreaking entertainment that surpasses conventional theme parks.”

I found out at the media preview on February 29 that it basically means you become part of the show, but you mustn’t talk with, obstruct, or touch the real actors around you. And no flashes, please.

Among the acts of incredible detail at the “world’s first theme park exclusively composed of multiple immersive experiences centered around an immersive theater” were a terrifying brush with Jack the Ripper and a more epic whodunnit with Sherlock Holmes; surreal encounters with Hansel and Gretel and a raunchy cabaret followed; along with other much-loved movie, book and stage icons. “Entertainers from all sides took the stage, showcasing lively songs and dazzling dances. With Immersive Fort, Tokyo staff and invited guests joining in, everyone became part of the exhilaration as ‘participants.’”

Immersive Fort Tokyo has about 30,000 square meters of 12 attractions plus six shops and restaurants—for a full day out of scary fun especially for family, groups, and couples, who “become integral characters in the unfolding stories, fully immersed and engaged as active participants.”

The team behind it also revitalized Universal Studios Japan.

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