Tae Ashida Autumn Winter Collection 2024–2025

One of Japan’s most beloved designers presented her latest collection at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, on March 14. Shows such as Tae Ashida’s Autumn Winter Collection 2024–2025 were sorely missed during Covid, so fashionistas seemed even more excited over post-show Champagne with such industry icons as Tae and her model-actress-ballet dancer-volunteer-tarento and fashion designer friend Uno Kanda, who expertly fielded questions by broadcast and print media from Japan and abroad. 

Tae is a daughter of Jun Ashida, a former dressmaker of Empress Michiko. She also specializes in designing uniforms, such as for female staff at UFJ Trust Bank, performers at Tokyo Disney Resort, and SK-ll, Max Factor’s top brand in Asia.

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  • High school at Le Rosey in Switzerland, and university at Rhode Island School of Design in U.S. where she graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)
  • 1991 Collection Debut
  • 2012 Received the “Special Prize” at the 54th FECJ Awards
  • 2018 Appointed Creative Director of jun ashida since 2019S/S
  • 2019 Debut of the TAE ASHIDA men’s collection
  • 2021 30th anniversary of Tae Ashida’s debut
  • October 2023 celebrated for 60th anniversary of Jun Ashida Co. Ltd. (established 1963)

Clientele includes the Royal Family, the First Lady, and celebrities from various fields such as politics and business, and actors. 


Established 1991

Graphic and sharp: a collection overflowing with refined silhouettes in superb fabrics for day through evening wear for every occasion in contemporary urban life.

Highlighted with functional and elegant original items such as “leather pats,” that spring from a uniquely feminine sensitivity. 2019 A/W: debut of “luxurious and wearable” men’s collection.

Proposer of high-quality high fashion styles for the active city-bred women and men engaged in work and play in the many-faceted life Tokyo. 


Women’s & Men’s / Clothing, Bags, Accessories, Mask
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