Godzilla Attacks TMG to Smash World Record

King of monsters beamed onto building in spectacular show of light and sound   

Godzilla features in a huge new project recognized by the Guinness World Records as the largest projection mapping display at 13,904.956 square meters—beamed high in the sky at the otherwise sedate Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) building.

TMG held a media preview projection-mapping display on April 27 using itself as a canvas to express a variety of art with light and sound to create a new resource to color and revitalize nightlife and tourism. 

As part of this project created with high artistic quality and world-leading technology, the TMG has started displaying content featuring the globally popular Godzilla movies, which this year marks its 70th anniversary.

You don’t have to visit the TMG building to see Godzilla, as you can enjoy the TOKYO Night & Light show from wherever you can see the TMG building. A 100-meter-sized Godzilla appears right in front of your eyes, expressed through the largest-scale projection mapping in history.

The suit that appears in this work is the 100-meter-tall Godzilla that appeared in the “Heisei VS series.” This projection mapping was shot in live action by combining special effects and CG. A must-see for Godzilla fans everywhere!

What is “Godzilla?”

The king of monsters has made his name known throughout the world. The first film in the series, released in 1954, was an unprecedented hit with an audience of 9.61 million people. Since then, more than 30 such films have been produced in Japan alone, and the series has attracted more than 100 million viewers. To this day, it boasts wide popularity and overwhelming recognition among men and women of all ages. Godzilla, who has been depicted as a being that transcends human understanding, has played an active role on screen, sometimes as a wall for humans to overcome, and sometimes as an ally of humans. While reflecting the social conditions of each era in the themes of his works, he has captivated the people living in that era.

Godzilla’s popularity has spread overseas, and the latest Hollywood version of Godzilla x Kong: A New Empire has been a huge hit in North America and other parts of the world.

Godzilla creator Kazuhiro Nakagawa
Fans pose with a life-sized Godzilla during the projection mapping event at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building
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