Tips to Ease Children’s Dental Anxiety

Parent: “Guess what kids. We’re going to the dentist today.”

Kids: “Great. We can hardly wait. We love going to the dentist.”

Well, this short dialogue between parents and their children is something that is nice to hope for but pretty hard to believe. Going to the dentist is not met with the same expectations as say, going to Disneyland. But just like going to Disneyland, a dental visit by your children goes better if you do some pre-planning before your appointment. 

Here’s a few steps to take, together with your kids, to make that dental appointment a bit less stressful.

Be positive:  As you well know as a parent, our kids take cues from their Moms and Dads. So, if a parent shows anxiety over an upcoming dental appointment, or talks about an unpleasant dental experience how can we expect a child to act any different? The key is to describe the positive aspects of your child’s dental visits and how much healthier their teeth will be.

Read books or watch videos about going to the dentist. When your kids watch a video featuring someone their age sitting in a dental chair or see one of their favorite cartoon characters going to the dentist, it can be very comforting. In addition, there are many books such as The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist that do a good job explaining what to expect in the dentist office and the benefits of regular dental care.

Schedule the appointment at a “good mood” time. We all have some sort of body clock. Some people are “morning people,” and some are “night owls.” Well, kids are no different. Whether it is morning or afternoon, before lunch or after a nap. Parents know when their child is in the best mood.  That’s the best time to make an appointment.

At Hitomi Dental Office, pediatric dentistry is one of their specialties. They have years of experience treating children and making their visit as comfortable as possible, and they even have staff with a day care license. They are there to answer any questions on caring for your children, so whether it’s your child’s first or tenth visit to the dentist, reach out to them. They’re there to help.

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