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English-Speaking Therapists and Psychotherapists in Japan

English-Speaking Therapists and Psychotherapists in Japan

Finding an English-speaking mental health care provider in Japan may seem challenging. Still, there are a handful of available practitioners. If you’re living in Japan, planning on moving to Japan, or have family here, knowing where you can find mental health care if or when needed is essential. Read on to get more information about English-speaking therapists and psychotherapists in Japan. You might find one that is compatible with you.

Miki Takahashi Marriage and Family Therapist

English Speaking Therapists and Psychotherapists in Japan Miki Takahashi Marriage and Family Therapist

Miki Takahashi is an English-speaking Japanese therapist who has lived in the United States. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) in Japan and the United States. She also specializes in Somatic Experience Therapy. According to VeryWell Mind, somatic experience helps with anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, PTSD, grief, and chronic pain. Suppose you’re looking for a therapist who fully understands Japanese culture and living in a foreign country. In that case, Miki could be a good option for you. Miki has worked with various clients, including university students, assistant language teachers in Japan, and families. She says, “I want clients to let me know about their situation so I can work with them.”

Price range: ¥12,000 per session
Business hours: 10am–8pm on weekdays except Tuesday
Where to book your appointment: mikitakahashimft@gmail.com
In-person/online: Online via Skype

Colin Coxal Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist

English Speaking Therapists and Psychotherapists in Japan Colin Coxall Behavioral Psychotherapist in Tokyo near Tokyo Tower . CBT therapy
Photo: Colin Coxal

Colin Coxall is a psychotherapist who has worked in London and is now based in Tokyo. He specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is also known as CBT. According to Psychology Today, CBT is based on the theory that a person’s thoughts and feelings influence their behavior. CBT can help with anxiety, depression, trauma, body concerns, stress, and anger management. Colin Coxall aims to help the English-speaking community in Tokyo feel better by helping them change their thoughts and behaviors, thereby improving their quality of life. Colin offers one-on-one therapy sessions, group workshops, and CBT supervision and training for practitioners. Check out this clip from the Tokyo Living podcast where Colin and Sam Gilbert discuss depression and mental health.

Price range: Please inquire
Where to book your appointment: Website or call 090-2140-4442
Business hours: Please inquire
In-person/online: In-person sessions are held near Tokyo Tower and online sessions are available

Ariana Ikeda Child and Family Therapist and Adult Psychotherapist

Mental Health Care in Japan 
Mental Health in Japan 
English and Japanese speaking therapist in Japan Child therapy Ariana Ikeda

Ariana Ikeda aims to enhance mental health among the international community in Japan. She has significant experience dealing with anxiety, personality disorders, school refusal in children, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, also known as DBT. In addition, Ariana provides social service-related information, such as options for child abuse, domestic violence, new parents who are struggling, or people contemplating divorce. Ariana is fluent in English and Japanese, so she can conduct sessions in either language.

Price range: ¥8,000–12,000, depending on the type of therapy (individual or family) The intake session is ¥5,000.
Business hours: 9:30am–1:30pm on weekdays, and all day on Saturday
Where to book your appointment: retreattokyo@gmail.com
In-person/online: Zoom or Skype

Tokyo Mental Health

Tokyo mental health Therapists for the English-speaking community in Japan foreigners living in japan

Tokyo Mental Health was founded by expats in Japan. They provide high-quality mental health care to foreigners in Japan and Japanese people who have lived abroad and returned to Japan. They offer talk therapy services such as counseling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families. They also provide psychological assessments. They help customers with various issues, including ASD, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

Discounted individual price range: ¥13,500–19,000 for a 50-minute session
Discounted couples and family price range: ¥20,000–28,500 for an 80-minute session
Where to book your appointment: Website or contact 03-6280-4750
Business hours: Differs by location. Check out these links for more information about their offices in Tokyo and Okinawa.
In-person/online: They offer in-person sessions in Tokyo and Okinawa as well as online sessions.  

TELL (Tokyo English Lifeline)

TELL Tokyo English Lifeline to help foreigners with their mental health in Japan

TELL is committed to meeting the growing requirements of Japan’s English-speaking community regarding mental health care and counseling. TELL offers two mental health care services: Lifeline and Counseling. If you want to vent and need someone to listen to you, you might want to check out TELL Lifeline. It’s a free service for people seeking a safe space and confidential support. On the other hand, if you are looking for professional counseling and comprehensive psychological assessment, you should look at TELL Counseling. This service is offered by diverse and multilingual therapists, psychologists, and psychotherapists.

TELL Lifeline

Price range: Free
Where to book your appointment: No booking required. Click here to view the schedule.
In-person/online: Phone call and chat

TELL Counseling for Tokyo, Yokohama and Kyoto

Price range: Flexible fees. Please inquire.
Business hours: 10am–5pm on weekdays
Where to book your appointment: email clinical.assist@telljp.com or call 03-4550-1146
In person/online: Both. There is currently a waitlist for in-person sessions.

TELL Counseling for Okinawa

Price range: Flexible fees. Please inquire.
Business hours: 9am–3pm on weekdays
Where to book your appointment: email okinawa.intake@telljp.com or call 050-4560-1082
In person/online: Both. There is currently a waitlist for in-person sessions.

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