Stress Relief Guide with TELL Japan

We are living in unprecedented times when socializing can spread Covid-19, wearing a mask is essential, and working at home is part of our daily lives. In adjusting to this new normal, have you felt anxious or stressed? You’re not alone. It is something that we are all experiencing.

To help with this, we would like to share a video with you from In Japan TV: the Stress Relief Guide with Billy Cleary from TELL Japan. These tips can support your well-being and help you keep your composure when you are feeling down or stressed.

There are five tips:

  1. Awake with intention
  2. Start or end your day with journaling
  3. Plan breaks with small rewards
  4. Set limits
  5. Initiate meaningful conversations

We hope these tips are helpful, and we wish you good health, mentally and physically!


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