Indulge in America’s Best Beef—in Tokyo

Morton’s The Steakhouse is the first Japanese location of the famous Morton’s The Steakhouse line of restaurants from the United States. You can indulge in the best steak from America while enjoying a gorgeous view of Marunouchi from terrace seating. It sounds like a perfect lunch or dinner, doesn’t it? As they have just joined Connect as a Partner, we had a quick interview with Morton’s Brand Manager Robert Tichit about their food, social distancing measures and newly opened bar. 

Safety First

Tichit did not hesitate to share the restaurant’s strict regulations to ensure the highest safety of their customers and employees. They disinfect all furniture in the restaurant that customers can possibly have contact with. A temperature check is mandatory for everyone entering the restaurant. Customers wear masks as they move from the entrance to their table. When customers leave their tables and move around the restaurant, they are also asked to put on a mask. Of course, everyone is free to enjoy their delicious meals without wearing a mask.  Kitchen staff also take safety seriously, as they conduct disinfection and cleaning in the evening after open hours and in the morning before opening. They also comply with standard kitchen rules, such as wearing a mask, gloves and cap as do suppliers.  Customers can book a private room or the terrace.

Best Steak in America!

Morton’s has a reputation for being one of the best steakhouses in America. In 2018, they opened their first franchise in Tokyo. Morton’s prides itself on serving the best meat in America—USDA Prime. The cows that are used to produce their beef are grain fed and the steaks are wet aged, which ensures the highest quality. Morton’s meat is always served fresh: it is served to customers within eight or nine days from being delivered to the restaurant.  What is unique to Morton’s steak is the cooking technique. Morton’s uses a broiler at a high temperature (around 500ºC) which helps the outside cook quickly while keeping in the flavor and moisture. They finish medium rare, medium, and well done steaks in the oven.

Morton's steak is cooked with a unique technique  Petite Filet Mignon Sandwiches

Power Hour

From 5:30pm to 7pm, Morton’s welcomes customers for “Power Hour,” when they can enjoy a drink at the bar for almost half price. What’s special about this Power Hour is that you can enjoy the terrace view with just a drink—there’s no need to have dinner. 

Morton's Bar Lounge Cocktails at Morton's

Offer on Connect

Connect Members dining at Morton’s get their first drink free, including Champagne, white or red wine, beer or soft drinks.



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