Live Mentorship from the Hult Prize Tokyo International University

The Hult Prize is a worldwide university-level social entrepreneurship competition that challenges students to solve the most pressing global issues with viable business and crowdsourcing ideas. A local version of the competition is currently taking place at Tokyo International University (TIU), and includes on-campus training programs that equip student entrepreneurs with the best preparation to make their final business pitch at the end of the program.  The Hult Prize TIU Organization Team has been working hard to invite many successful Tokyo-based entrepreneurs to conduct workshops or offer mentorship. The team is also generous enough to make the training available online.

TIU Hult Prize Mentorship Program

TIU’s On-Campus Program

The Hult Prize TIU is creating an on-campus program where students will get step-by-step help to create their business plan through listening to guest speakers and taking part in workshops and training sessions. All of this training will go to help the participants make their pitch in the final on-campus event. There are a total of 12 events running from early September to November, including talks by guest speakers and training sessions in a variety of fields (see the table below). All on-campus events will be streamed live. Speakers and mentors include Charles McJilton, founder and CEO of Second Harvest Japan; Kristina Yasuda, who is on the Forbes “30 Under 30” list; and Robert Heldt, CEO and co-founder of Custom Media and creator of Connect. 

TIU Hult Prize Mentorship Broadcasted Live | Participants attending the Live Mentorship

Tentative Event Schedule

For links to these events, please go to Connect Webinar Resources, as we will update the links as the events near. 

September 8, 2020 Guest Speaker: “Information Session” Eugenius Aaron Darmaja (Hult Prize National Japan Finalist 2018)
September 16, 2020 Guest Speaker: “Networking Session” Carolina Serrano (Gel Wear, Hult Prize Accelerator 2020)
September 22, 2020 Guest Speakers: “Food for Thought” Richardus Indra Gunawan (Environmentalist) Charles McJilton (Second Harvest Japan)
September 30, 2020 Guest Speakers: “Food for Thought II” Kristina Yasuda (Microsoft) Ifeanyi Chukwu (Hult Prize Japan 2019)
October 7, 2020 Guest Speakers: “Career Training” Hiromi (JPort)
October 14, 2020 Training: “How to Create an Impactful Startup” Satya Hangga Yudha (IE21)
October 21, 2020 Training: “How to Attract Venture Capitalists” Akihiro Hikita (Rainmaking)
October 28, 2020 Training: “Business Pitches” Robert Heldt (Custom Media KK)
November 2, 2020 Mentor 1-on-1 Feedback Satya Hangga Yudha (IE21)
November 11, 2020 Mentor 1-on-1 Feedback 2 Robert Heldt (Custom Media KK) Akihiro Hikita (Rainmaking)



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