Temple University Welcomes New Dean

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) has marked a new milestone—the appointment of a new dean, Matthew Wilson, JD. GoConnect recently had the chance to speak with him, find out about the goals he has set for himself and the university, and learn more about why the Continuing Education program might be the right fit for GoConnect Members. Temple University is a large state-related institution based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1982, the university established a Tokyo campus. TUJ offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in English, as well as a variety of professional degrees. Other non-degree programs include Continuing Education, which GoConnect Members can find on our platform, and Corporate Education. 

Temple University, Japan Campus on GoConnect

Introducing Dean Wilson

Dean Matthew WIlson

Wilson is the head of the entire Japan campus, and oversees all programs at the university. Before coming on as dean, he served as president at Missouri Western State University and the University of Akron. But his connection to Temple is a long one: starting in 1997, he studied abroad at TUJ while attending law school at Temple University in 1997, and worked at TUJ from 2003 to 2009. Wilson is dedicated to the development of practical skills that can be applied in the workforce. Therefore, one of his goals is to further expand TUJ’s degree and non-degree programs.  He also aims to enhance the university’s technological capabilities. With the rise of online learning, Wilson hopes that TUJ can bring courses to people outside of Japan—either Japanese living abroad or people from other countries who are interested in learning about Japan. Wilson encourages everybody who wants to improve their professional skills to check out the course offerings in the School of Continuing Education. If you are looking for something more structured, you can always explore their Corporate Training programs for individuals and corporate groups. They offer courses in both English and Japanese.

A Variety of Practical Courses

And why should GoConnect Members consider taking a class at TUJ? The reasons might vary: it could be pursuing an advanced degree, reskilling or upskilling, filling knowledge gaps, or simply maintaining the practice of lifelong learning. The university has even had students in their 90s in their system. The School of Continuing Education offers seminars and workshops that last for one to two days as well as semester-long courses that start three times per year (September, January, and May). There are currently more than 25 workshops and seminars ongoing at the moment, ranging from explorations of the world of craft beer and professional development training to translation and strategic marketing and business. TUJ employs full-time professors who are vetted and qualified through the main campus, and they also draw on experts or professionals in Tokyo. Students in the Continuing Education program will be taught by people who are experts in their field, who continue to work in their respective fields during the day and teach at night. 

Temple University on GoConnect - classroom Whether you’re looking for something brief or a longer course, we invite GoConnect Members to browse TUJ’s course listings, find something that appeals to you, and apply now.  TUJ Continuing Education is offering GoConnect Members a 10% discount on all courses and workshops.

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