Making a Difference—The Knights in White Lycra Celebrate a Decade of CSR

The Knights in White Lycra was formed by a few British men needing to get fit and wanting to give back. Started in 2013 with a 330-kilometer ride with the goal of helping those in temporary accommodation after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11, 2011, the team continued to grow and helped raise funds to support different areas in need in Japan. Later, they shifted their focus to helping marginalized children, and have supported several organizations with their yearly rides. 

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One of them is Mirai no Mori, which focuses on children’s care homes, which are for children aged one to eighteen who cannot live with their parents or whose families cannot raise them adequately. Facing problems such as social prejudice and psychological trauma, these children encounter hurdles when it comes to daily life. Required to leave these care homes and live independently from the age of 18, these young people struggle and can become overwhelmed with aspects like finances, work–study balance, relationships, and loneliness. The majority do not advance to higher education due to a lack of support. Mirai no Mori steps in with different programs to help these young people become independent. 

Mirai no Mori aims to equip children with essential life skills, enabling them to choose and create their own future paths. Experiential learning and continuous learning activities at summer and winter camps as well as a Leader in Training Program allow children to acquire new knowledge and ways of thinking. Central to these activities are being in nature, being surrounded by diversity, and interacting with adults who serve as role models. Children learn to communicate with others and develop skills such as project management and public speaking.   

Another organization is YouMeWe, which supports young people living in group homes. KIWL has collaborated with them since 2019, and they have 12 programs to help build skills, which explore areas such as languages, coding, teamwork, and communication. 

Aware of the effects of post-traumatic stress and the financial limitations that pose as a barrier to these young people’s education, YouMeWe focuses on three main areas to help improve their prospects for having a brighter future. Digital literacy is taught through coding, programming, and learning how to navigate social media safely. Communication skills are taught through language lessons, writing programs, cultural exchanges and engaging in a summer arts camp. Meanwhile, connectedness is nurtured through collaborating with others in the community and around the world through mentoring and online exchange programs.

As both organizations provide frequent updates on their blogs or social media accounts, the impact that KIWL makes is clear and measurable. You can connect up with KIWL through activities like their cycle ride, futsal tournament, and walking and running events. Better yet, their 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner is coming up next month on Friday, July 7. If you want to support their mission of getting fit and giving back, don’t hesitate to join the event to celebrate and reflect on the KIWL’s achievements, while joining in the exciting activities scheduled for the evening. 

KIWL 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner 

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Become a Sponsor: Contact Rob Williams, KIWL Chair & Co-Founder, or visit their contact page and fill out the form.
Date: Friday, July 7, 2023 
Time: 6:30–10pm 
Venue: Conrad Hotel Tokyo: 1-9-1 Higashishinbashi, Minato-ku 


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