ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL: Nurturing Young Minds in the Heart of Tokyo’s International Community

A diverse group of students including those with special needs laugh and learn together with their dedicated teachers by the school’s sea shore beach house. Teachers encourage students as they consistently show progress in academic subjects as well as in behavioral growth. With smiles on their faces, children enjoy playtime in the spacious playground before their hardworking parents pick them up, grateful for the school’s extended hours. This heartwarming scene is a glimpse into a typical day at ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, a long-running international preschool open since 1986, offers a unique approach to learning, prioritizing emotional development as much as academic excellence. Here’s a closer look at how ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL sets itself apart and why it’s the ideal choice for expat families in Tokyo.

A Spacious Haven for Learning and Play

One of the standout features of ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is its spacious playground, a facility that surpasses many other schools in central Tokyo. This playground isn’t just a recreational space; it’s an essential component of the school’s educational philosophy. Ai kids spend ample time outdoors, engaging in physical activities that not only promote their physical health but also stimulate their cognitive development. This focus on outdoor play encourages children to explore, discover, and interact with the natural world, fostering a deep connection with nature.

Beyond their on-site playground, ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL takes learning outdoors to the next level. With access to a beach house in Tateyama, Chiba, students have a unique opportunity to experience the wonders of the seaside. Regular visits to the beach house, which occur once a week during the summer and once a month during other seasons, provide a dynamic setting for hands-on learning and adventure. “We are so lucky to have a facility with a huge playground, right on the beach!” exclaims school director, Eri Ogawa. These excursions allow children to discover new approaches to spending time together and learning, enhancing their overall educational experience.

Nurturing Emotionally Engaged Learners

At ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, educators understand that emotional development is just as important as academic achievement. The school’s unique approach to learning emphasizes emotional learning, and the results are evident in the students’ behavior and engagement. Children at Ai International School are exceptionally skilled at listening and behaving because they are emotionally engaged with the learning process.

The school’s teaching staff plays a pivotal role in this emotional connection. Committed, long-term educators invest deeply in each child’s development, considering themselves an integral part of the child’s life. “Teachers who simply follow the program are not educators,” emphasizes Ms. Ogawa, highlighting the importance of personal connection and mentorship. This family-like atmosphere distinguishes Ai International School from others.

A Gateway to Academic Excellence

While emotional development is central to ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL’s philosophy, it also excels in providing a well-rounded education. The school is known for its quality instruction in STEM subjects and traditional academic disciplines. This balance ensures that students receive a holistic education that prepares them for future academic challenges. “The students are constantly showing growth and progress,” said Ms. Ogawa. “This connects families with the teaching staff which has helped to build trust in our school making it easier for the children to continue to make progress.”

Moreover, Ai International School is highly regarded for its outstanding support and care for students with special needs and families requiring additional assistance. With a long history of trust in this area, the school has become a reliable resource for families seeking an inclusive and supportive educational environment.

Building Strong Foundations for the Future

ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL prides itself on being a feeder school for prestigious institutions such as ASIJ, BST, Nishimachi, and more. With a legacy dating back to 1986, the school has produced generations of successful alumni who have seamlessly transitioned into these leading international schools in Tokyo. “Our students generally end up well-placed to achieve at the leading international schools in Tokyo,” affirms Ai International’s school director, highlighting the schools track record of excellence.

Conveniently Located for Tokyo’s Expatriate Community

Strategically situated in Minami Azabu, ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is easily accessible to families residing in Tokyo’s main expatriate areas. The school’s central location ensures that parents have convenient access to essential facilities and services, simplifying daily life for expatriate families. 

Furthermore the school enrolls students hailing from more than 13 different nations, and a teaching staff which represents a multitude of global regions as well. Valuing and honoring the rich tapestry of cultural backgrounds that each individual brings, there is a warm embrace to all within this nurturing and compassionate community.

Supporting Working Parents

Recognizing the challenges faced by families with two working parents, Ai International School offers extended hours, accommodating children from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM. This flexibility is a lifeline for busy parents, allowing them to balance their careers with the demands of raising a family.

Overall, ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a nurturing haven for expat families in Tokyo. With its emphasis on emotional learning, expansive outdoor facilities, dedicated educators, and a track record of academic excellence, it stands as a beacon of quality education in the heart of Tokyo’s international community. For parents seeking a holistic and supportive educational experience for their children, ai INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is the ideal choice.

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