Timeless Yet Modern: Discover a Renovated Japanese Farmhouse in Rural Kyoto

Traditional thatched-roof farmhouses are steeped in history, but many lack amenities such as insulation and high-end appliances. So, it’s rare that you can find one that combines modernity and timeless beauty like this outstanding property located in the Kyoto Tamba Kogen Quasi-National Park area.

The lovingly renovated farmhouse is being listed in partnership with Azuki Partners. It would make an ideal vacation residence or investment property for those looking at real estate in western Japan—or, with an easily obtained accommodation license, it can be leased out as a short-term vacation rental to tourists.

The home is located just north of Kyoto and offers easy access to Osaka and Kobe. While it is close to these urban centers, it offers stunning natural surroundings. It is just minutes from the picturesque Yura River, which is ideal for swimming or boating, and a 10-minute drive from the scenic farmhouse village of Miyama, which was recognized by the World Tourism Organization in 2021 for its focus on SDG-based tourism. The village is also home to the lively Kayabuki no Sato Water Hose Festival, which is held twice a year. Less than half an hour away is Ashiu Forest, the largest old-growth forest in western Japan. This pristine destination is revered among those who live in the area for its environmental significance and the rarity of the plant and animal life that can be found there.

Culture and Comfort

Meanwhile, the property itself is steeped in Japanese culture, continuing a tradition of thatched homes that is gradually dwindling across the country. It features a welcoming living room, which is an ideal space to gather in throughout the year, but truly comes into its own during the colder months with its traditional sunken hearth, known as an irori.

The painstaking renovation of the property maintains many of the farmhouse’s original features—such as its distinctive structural pillars and its tawny-colored roof—but also makes the property safe, modern, comfortable, and eminently livable. It is an exemplar of the traditional phrase wayo secchu—a seamless blending of Japanese and Western styles.

One perfect example of this is the home’s insulation. Traditional Japanese houses are often cold during the winter and too warm during the summer, so much care has been placed in incorporating insulation into the home’s walls and roof, making it comfortable throughout the year. Meanwhile, the kitchen and dining area of the home boast high-end appliances and a stylish island with counter seating. It also comes with two full bathrooms—a Japanese one with a deep tub for soaking in and a Western one with a shower.

With its idyllic location, cozy atmosphere, modern furnishings, and careful renovation, this property is ideal for those seeking a truly outstanding home for their family or as an investment opportunity that is sure to increase in value for the years to come. 

Property Details

  • Address: Tauta Gonami 21, Miyama-cho, Nantan-shi, Kyoto
  • Access: About 36 kilometers north of Kyoto
  • A one-hour ride from Kyoto Station on the Rapid Sonobe San-in Line
  • About one hour and 35 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station via the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen and San-in Line
  • Property size: 133.88m²
  • Land area: 1269.04m²
  • Layout: 3LDK (3 rooms + living room and dining room/kitchen)
  • Structure: Wood
  • Stories: 1
  • Land rights: Freehold
  • Year built: Unknown

For more details about the property, including price information, contact Azuki Partners here

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