Stepping Into the World of Tokyo Real Estate

As the world’s largest city, Tokyo offers a wealth of opportunities and experiences for domestic and international residents. It’s also a city that is constantly transforming itself. So it should come as no surprise that the city’s real estate market is a booming one. With that in mind, the latest GoConnect special focuses on some of the ways that you can learn about investing in Tokyo properties, recent developments in the city’s real estate and hospitality industries, and one of Tokyo’s most diverse and fascinating neighborhoods.   

One of our headline pieces for the special reveals that the market for luxury properties in Tokyo has been booming, drawing buyers from around the world. The city is also continuing to change, and one of the recent major developments is the construction of the Toranomon Hills Station Tower, which will be transforming its lively neighborhood this fall. Also opening in the same season in the Azabudai Hills development will be the luxury hotel Janu Tokyo, which should set new standards for upscale hospitality. 

Now is an ideal time to be buying property in Tokyo, but it can be a challenge to navigate the complexities of buying property here, particularly if you’re dealing with the language barrier. And with that in mind, we’ve included pieces about bilingual realtors with a wide range of experience working in the Tokyo market—Aki Shimizu, who works with RE/MAX Amistad, and the other is Kozue Dunn, who is with Keller Williams Tokyo, and Tsuyoshi Hikichi, who runs Azuki Partners. All of them are ideal partners for helping you find your way towards the piece of real estate that you’ve always wanted. 

And finally, we pay a visit to the neighborhood of Azabu-Juban, which is home to a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and other businesses that cater to a cosmopolitan mix of people from around the globe. 

We hope you find that the pieces in this month’s lineup let you know more about Tokyo’s dynamism and diversity. 


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