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Obtaining permanent residency in Japan requires a long and exhaustive application process, which can take time and money. Since 2019, with the introduction of more austere policies toward immigration and residency, the system has only become more difficult: added to an already complex application process are nuanced legal jargon and ample paperwork. This is where IMS Legal can help. Their personnel have the expertise and experience necessary to navigate visa application procedures in both Japan and the United States, and the firm is bolstered by founder Naoto Murai’s 21 years of experience in immigration law and first-hand experience living abroad in the United States. IMS Legal has secured visas for more than 40,000 clients and they have a success rate of 96 percent. The firm explains that their impressive success rate is a result of their “prompt response to inquiries, sincere efforts on requested cases, and gaining trust.”

IMS Legal offers a variety of services covering different visa types, including the permanent resident visa. As interest in the visa has grown among foreign nationals in Japan, the government has made the process stricter to acquire one. However, IMS Legal has continued to fine-tune and optimize their strategies for navigating this system, giving their clients the highest chances of success. 

Methods for Obtaining Permanent Residency

Intended for foreign nationals with long-term plans to stay in Japan, the permanent resident visa does not require renewal applications nor does it place any restrictions on what kind of work the holder can do. The application process differs based on the individual and depends on family and work situations. In order to be eligible to obtain a permanent resident visa, an applicant must have lived in Japan for at least 10 years. This applies to all applicants except spouses of Japanese nationals and permanent residents, and those considered a “Highly Skilled Professional (HSP).”

Regardless of holding the HSP status of residence (visa) or not, those applying through the HSP system allows applicants to bypass the 10-year rule through the Points System. This preferential immigration control system is designed to attract and retain highly skilled workers, and points are given in regard to factors such as experience, salary, and education—including which university you attended. In order to be qualified for the Points System, the applicant must have either a total of 80+ points at the time of application and one year prior or 70+ points at the time of application and three years prior. This means applicants with 80+ points can apply for permanent residency in as little as one year after arriving in Japan.


The education permanent visa is intended for applicants who engage in advanced academic research activities. These include academic research endeavors, research guidance, or education outlined on a contract with a public or private organization in Japan. Those who fall under the description of university researchers, faculty members, or researchers at governmental agencies or private enterprises are examples of eligible applicants. 


The engineering permanent visa is tailored for those who work in “advanced specialized or technical activities,” and can present impressive evidence of specialized knowledge in the natural sciences or humanities, which is proven through a contract with a public or private organization in Japan. Examples of personnel who fall under the eligibility umbrella are engineers, programmers, or management consultants in general companies. 

Business Manager Level

The business manager level permanent visa is for foreign nationals in Japan who are positioned in advanced business management or operational roles. Those who are company owners or managerial workers at a private or public organization in Japan are eligible to apply for this visa. 

Holistic Support and Guidance

Throughout the application procedure, IMS Legal aims to provide only the highest quality of customer support and guidance with holistic services to ensure that the process is as stress-free as possible. Standing firmly on the principle of sincerity, IMS Legal strives to be honest about the possibility of receiving a visa, and what the client needs to work toward going forward. This principle creates a collaborative and constructive relationship between client and personnel, marked by consideration of each client’s unique circumstances and individual needs. This includes consultations that are available in multiple languages. 

To ensure clients know what to expect during the application process, IMS Legal also provides a detailed process flow that most clients follow. Learn more about the application process here: https://imsvisa.support/en/permanent-visa/ 


Before and during the application process, there are certain conditions you should keep in mind that might compromise your eligibility for permanent residency. These are some of them:

  • If you have any late payments on pensions, health insurance, or taxes in the past three years—whether it is you or your spouse
  • If there are tax concerns due to business or financial activities outside of Japan 
  • If you do not have at least a three-year visa when you apply (you can’t apply if you have a one-year visas)

IMS Legal also adds: “Good conduct is required. Please refrain from any traffic violations, make sure you are enrolled in social insurance, and pay taxes on time without delays or missed payments.” 

Through expertise and an abundance of experience in the framework of the Japanese immigration system, IMS Legal is able to work through any potential issues that may occur, and will work tirelessly to help you obtain your permanent residency. 

IMS Legal

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