Wellness Evolution: Cryo Tokyo’s Latest Location Shines a Light on Holistic Health

Whether we’re trying to reach a personal best in the gym or just trying to battle aches and pains, finding a wellness routine that offers outstanding results can make all the difference. And when you can add a new wrinkle to that routine? All the better. A perfect example of this is Cryo Tokyo Neo, which is bringing yet another cutting-edge treatment to Japan.

Cryo Tokyo has already made a name for itself with its cryotherapy treatments, which expose the body briefly to ultra-low temperatures. The three-minute sessions can burn up to 800 calories, help to treat knee or back pain, relieve stress and improve mood. It’s ideal for sessions held before training, after training, and it’s good for reducing inflammation. The treatment helps with weight loss and can improve sleep.

The company is also a pioneer in Japan when it comes to cryotherapy. There’s a long history of using it as a treatment for a variety of conditions in Europe, and there are now hundreds of locations in the United States that offer cryotherapy. However, in Japan there are very few places where you can experience it.

General Manager Michael Suwa explains that in recent years it first became popular among athletes, but has quickly spread to the wider public. And he adds that its combination of powerful results and short treatment sessions have made it an ideal fit for people without a lot of time on their schedules.

“Busy people, like the CEOs of large companies, don’t have time to get massages for one to two hours. That’s why a treatment like cryotherapy can be excellent. A client can be in and out of the salon within about 10 minutes, while receiving great benefits.”

Bright Idea

However, Cryo Tokyo wasn’t just looking to rest on their laurels. Suwa is dedicated to helping his clients achieve even greater well-being, and regularly travels to the United States to seek out new wellness technologies and treatments. This led him to discover light therapy. As the name implies, the treatment uses light sources such as lasers and LEDs to trigger healing responses in the body.  Suwa explains that the treatment has its origins in helping NASA astronauts recover after space journeys. Since being introduced to the wellness community in the United States, it rapidly became a treatment of choice for top athletes and Hollywood celebrities. And while there were only a few places in Japan where cryotherapy treatments were available, there were no salons that offered light therapy.

That changed with the opening of Cryo Tokyo Neo in Azabu Juban. The salon offers the cryotherapy treatments that have put the business on the map for those looking to feel their best, while also introducing clients to the Neo Light. The unit uses three colors of light for various effects: red, to reduce pain and inflammation; green, to relieve stress and improve sleep quality; and pink, for detoxing effects.

Suwa says the light therapy sessions last about 10 minutes and serve as an ideal complement to cryotherapy treatments. He points out the red light therapy session in particular would be an ideal followup to cryotherapy, and both could be done in less than 20 minutes combined, for a powerful treatment that can energize and restore.

On its own, light therapy can deliver many of the benefits of cryotherapy without the ultra-low temperatures. It can also be used by people who can’t do cryotherapy—either because they don’t like the cold, or due to conditions such as being pregnant, having high blood pressure or cancer, or having any metal in the body, such as piercings.

Cryo Tokyo Neo is more than double the size of the original location, and also serves as a showroom for people interested in buying either cryotherapy or light therapy units for their own clinics or even private homes. They sell both full-body cryotherapy and smaller devices that can be used for localized treatments, as well as light therapy units. Cryo Tokyo also provides training for purchasers, giving them a thorough grounding in how to use the units safely and effectively.

Given cryotherapy and light therapy’s popularity in other countries, it should come as no surprise that some 30 percent of Cryo Tokyo’s customers are international. Both locations provide treatment service in English and can offer English support for anyone who is interested in buying a unit.

Suwa explains that this new, expansive location will serve as a place where clients can make the most of cutting-edge technology to take the next step in a journey towards feeling their best. “We hope that Cryo Tokyo Neo can be a location where the new stage of wellness evolution can take place.

Discover Cryo Tokyo’s innovative approach to holistic health at their two locations:

Cryo Tokyo
Kinokuniya Sugar Residence 3F
Azabujuban 2-1-1, Minato-ku

Cryo Tokyo Neo
Azabu Kyowa Building 3F
Azabujuban 3-3-8, Minato-ku

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