Roppongi Hills Locals Plant Rice on Visit to the “Farm in the Stars”

The 20th annual early summer Rice Planting event was held at the Roppongi Hills Rooftop Garden, located about 45 meters above street level in central Tokyo.

Every year, the rooftop garden invites residents and employees of Roppongi Hills and the surrounding area, as well as their families, to experience traditional Japanese rice farming culture, including rice planting and harvesting, as part of community events throughout the year. Many attendees entered the muddy paddies barefoot and planted rice seedlings with their bare hands, a traditional rice planting experience, and interacted with frogs and other creatures living in the rooftop garden.

This year, organizers collaborated with Tottori Prefecture to promote their food and culture by planting local rice with about 90 adults and 70 children attending.

Hoshikuri mai was named after the star-like rice produced in Tottori Prefecture, which boasts a beautiful starry sky. The rice has a high taste value, an indicator of the rice’s deliciousness, and its graininess and bouncy texture remain delicious even when cold, making it perfect for lunch boxes and onigiri.

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