The British School in Tokyo: Focused on the Best

I started my new job as the Principal of The British School in Tokyo in April this year. On my third day on the job, there was a knock at the door of my office. It was the receptionist asking if I could talk to a Year 5 student. They “wanted a word.” Intrigued, of course, I agreed. In walked the Year 5 student—Louise (not her real name), full of confidence. She said, “I just want to know why you wanted to work at BST.” Just like that, no wasted time, straight, concise, to the point. I explained that the main reason I wanted to work at the school was because I heard that the students were the best in the world. She thought about this for a moment and agreed. I said that I wanted to help make the school the best place for the students and the staff.

I told her in all my years, I had never had a student have the confidence to stroll in and be so cool and collected. We then discussed possible future career paths, for her, not me! I suggested being an investigative journalist.

This is my impression of the students at BST. It resonates with the school’s vision that “we look to nurture each student’s unique potential and strive to help them create a strong sense of self, built around purpose and passion.”

BST provides a holistic education for international students aged 3 to 18 in Japan. The broad and balanced curriculum allows students to learn not only in the classroom but also beyond the classroom. The professional educators, extensive modern and innovative facilities at our two campuses (Primary School at Azabudai Hills, a step away from Tokyo Tower; Secondary School at Sangenjaya, two stops from Shibuya) and the various choices provided make sure each student gets personalised learning pathways and shine at their own goals.

The School will be celebrating its 35th birthday later this year. In the past 35 years, BST has developed a reputation as one of the best international schools in Japan, and its students transfer to leading universities worldwide. I feel confident that the school is in a great position to go from strength to strength, building on its storied past. However, at BST, we are excited for the future as the school community looks forward to the next 35 years.

Ian Clayton is Principal of The British School in Tokyo.

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