Ginza Pop Concept Reflects Unique Tokyo Locale


Ginza has always been at the center of the eras, preserving Japan’s ancient cultural traditions while accepting and merging with the changing times and Western culture, often giving birth to a new culture. And overseas visitors are discovering a new hotel that embodies this unique culture and experiential value. Mitsubishi Estate Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd. on May 30 opened The Royal Park Hotel Ginza 6-chome, on Showa-dori, seven minutes’ walk from the historic Kabukiza theater. 

The brand’s 24 hotels each have different concepts. The Royal Park’s large reception offers self-check-in and in-person and a cashless self-serve cafe sits in the corner. The Kobikicho Club on the lobby floor offers all-you-can-drink for 90 minutes with karaoke for ¥10,000, or ¥3,000 for one drink for one hour. Bold, vivid colors and patterns inspired by the traditional color schemes and patterns of Kabukiza are fused to create a retro and modern design.

Harumi Kamamoto, operations manager at Mitsubishi Estate Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd., said: “The yellow and white patterns represent the leaves of ginkgo trees aligned on the streets of Ginza. Staff know the local area and are happy to provide a wide range of information; spacious rooms will let you unwind from the fatigue of your trip. “Exterior and interior designs and amenities all reflect the distinctiveness of our locale.” 

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