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The assistance of a property management company that has clients’ best interests in mind and offers the highest standard of service is an invaluable asset when it comes to entering the real estate market in Japan. Particularly for overseas investors and international residents entering this market, you’ll definitely want to have an agent on your side who is:

  • Knowledgeable about the diverse range of properties available here
  • Well equipped to help you navigate the difficulties that often accompany the property management process
  • And can help you achieve return on investment (ROI) for years to come.

Few property managers are able to adequately combine their knowledge of the local market with the ability to serve the unique needs of overseas investors and international residents in Japan, but Axios Management is a leader of the pack. Axios is a full-service property management company serving Japan-based clients, as well as those throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. The firm’s commitment to catering to an international client base is sustained by its associates’ proven international experience, professional knowledge, and expertise in Japanese real estate.

A Cut Above

Managing Director Tsuyoshi Hikichi has been with Axios Management since its early days in 2012, when the company had a different name—Morris Japan—and its core focus was the brokerage business. Hikichi purchased the company in 2016 and changed its name to Axios, and since then it has pivoted to making sure that client properties are well run after the transaction is made. They also focus on increasing the ROI of real estate assets over time. The company’s ever-expanding portfolio of units across Japan and emphasis on building trusting relationships with clients sets them apart from other companies in the industry and adds to their unique appeal for international clients.

Tsuyoshi Hikichi

As Hikichi explains, the first stage to building trust is to establish a strong line of communication. “I reply to emails very quickly, and if clients ask any questions, I reply immediately, with clear answers.” When it comes to helping clients maintain peace of mind, both at the time of sale, and then for years in the future, Axios provides an open line of communication to make sure that clients feel that they are being listened to and supported. With promptness and professionalism as main priorities at the company, potential investors can be assured that they will receive transparency and honesty with Axios.

The company’s English-speaking staff has experience in a variety of industries and experience overseas, which plays out in their ability to maintain excellent communication with their clients. “It’s not so important that we hire the person with the most real estate experience,” Hikichi said. “Many of our agents have experience in the service industry, for example, in food and beverage or hospitality, and almost all of them have experience abroad from studying or traveling overseas. Being able to blend that experience with business acumen produces an interesting element that sets our staff apart from our peers.”

Dynamic Agency

The ability of agents to relate to clients from overseas is key, helping them bridge many of the communication barriers that they might face in Japan. Often, what also makes Axios such an effective company for its clients to do business with is how dynamic the company is. They target ROI maximization, while many other property management services tend to get mired in a non-proactive mindset that doesn’t prioritize making the most of clients’ investments, especially when they have a lot at stake. “The asset values we are managing are huge and that’s a lot of responsibility,” Hikichi noted of Axios. “So as we strive to understand the investment background of the client, and think about how to maximize their investment, we make sure to focus on increasing leasing activity that is most beneficial to the property owner and dedicated management to make sure that the property continually thrives.” Axios’s track record of guaranteeing that their international clients’ properties generate impressive returns is a testament to the quality of service the company prides itself on. Their commitment to trust, diligence, and providing open channels of communication makes them an ideal property management services provider for any international investor seeking a trustworthy, progress-driven partner to help ensure that their investments in the Japanese real estate market don’t just hold steady, but flourish.

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