5 Best Last-Minute Christmas Gifts That Are Sure to Impress

It’s finally Christmas time, which means that the season of gift giving has also arrived. However, it also means end of the year deadlines, travel plans, and shorter days mean you generally have less time to spend shopping. Whatever the reason, there is no need to stress. If you have an idea for what you are looking for, you should have a relatively easy time finding gifts for any Christmas party gift exchanges or even Christmas Day. Here are some gift ideas that are readily available and sure to impress your friend, family, or coworker.

Japanese Zodiac Ornaments 

The Japanese Zodiac means that each year corresponds to a specific animal on the zodiac calendar system called eto. If you have been to any traditional Japanese buildings or family homes, you may have spotted a small ornamental statue of the current year’s animal called eto no okimono. For the year of 2022, the eto is the tiger. The year 2023 is called usagi-doshi, also known as the year of the rabbit.

2022 Japanese Zodiac Ornament. 5 Best Last-Minute Christmas Gifts That Are Sure to Impress
2022 Japanese Zodiac Ornament

You can buy these in souvenir shops like the ones found in Asakusa, and more recently, in department stores or e-commerce websites such as Amazon. This is a great gift choice because it’s a decoration that can be used until the next year, and is said to protect the families that place them in their homes.

Insulated Flask

Due to the pandemic, outdoor activities away from the cities like camping or glamping have seen a significant boost in popularity. Outdoor wear and camping gear would definitely make good presents should you know the recipient’s sizes, but in the case that you don’t, it may be a better idea to get them something they will be able to use both indoors and outdoors.

A good flask like Hydroflask or Thermos is a solid choice as it should last several years and can accommodate everything from soup to coffee or tea. It doesn’t look out of place at the office or on a campground. Anyone who likes the outdoors would love this, but in reality, anyone can benefit from a quality flask.

Instant Camera

For some fun memories on Christmas morning or at your office’s year-end party, an instant camera is guaranteed to create smiles. Recently, film photography and physical pictures have become a big trend on social media. Instant cameras fit in well to this niche genre of photography and work great for group pictures.

Cameras like the Fujifilm Instax series are popular due to their ease of use and colorful lineup. They’re also a good option for any children who aspire to become photographers. At the same time, they can be enjoyed casually by a group of friends during a winter drinking party. The simplicity of the instant camera is definitely its strong point. Don’t forget to buy extra refills for extra prints.

Earthenware Hot Pot

No matter what hobbies your friends or family have, everyone can appreciate a hot meal, especially during the colder months. Donabe, or the Japanese hot pot, is a convenient gift that should stand apart from the rest. Even those who don’t cook often shouldn’t find it difficult to produce a delicious meal for themselves with a good hot pot.

They are also surprisingly easy to find. You can pick them up at household goods stores like Muji. This easy-to-use piece of pottery should be received well because it is something that even larger groups of people can enjoy together during the winter.

Bluetooth or Smart Speaker

Following the trend of gifts that everyone can enjoy, it should be no surprise that music found its way onto this list. Beyond the Bluetooth functionality, you can also buy smart speakers that link to smart devices like phones, TVs, and smart home appliances. Buy them for anyone who likes to be plugged in with the latest technology.

Whether or not the recipient already has a speaker, it never hurts to have a spare. That makes the speaker a safe idea for anyone worrying about making a good impression. These speakers come in a wide range of features and sizes, which means there are options for those on a budget or people willing to splurge. Check Amazon or Rakuten for any discounts, or head to the closest Bic Camera or Yodobashi Camera electronics store.

As the year comes to a close, you may be rushing to get the stores, but sometimes the simple gifts say the most. It really is the thought that counts, so these gifts are a good way to make the people you care about happy. And if you have gone through this list and are still stumped, keep a lookout on GoConnect for special offers and experiences for the holiday season!

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