English-Speaking Wellness Experiences in Tokyo

It’s been two months into the new fiscal year in Japan. Maybe you started a new job, or you’ve been sticking to your current one. Either way, it’s time for a well deserved treat. With that in mind, here are some great options for restoring body and mind around Tokyo that offer service in English.

Regenerative Medicine for a Natural Look

Photo: Ginza Biyou Medical Clinic

Located right behind Ginza Six, Ginza Biyou Medical Clinic believes that appearance enhancement doesn’t always mean surgeries. If you’re looking for beautiful and natural results, Ginza Biyou Medical Clinic, under the guidance of the board-certified plastic surgeon Ayako Sekine, M.D., will help tailor treatments specific to your unique needs. By combining aesthetic and regenerative medicine, the clinic offers treatments that can restore a youthful appearance or increase hair volume. Based on cutting-edge medical science, the clinic offers stem cell infusion therapy, a popular choice for anti-aging treatment. Another popular treatment are fibroblast implants, which can combat problems such as wrinkles, skin discoloration, blemishes, and saggy skin. Their other wellness treatment, platelet-rich plasma injections, helps promote cell regeneration and rebuilds tissue to improve skin texture and tone, reduce fine lines and scarring, and stimulate collagen and skin cell production. They have English-speaking staff available who can provide advice on treatments or prescriptions that suit your lifestyle and will restore your natural-looking beauty. 

Massages for All Needs 

Photo: Massage S-Shape

Founded by therapist Yoh Kitahara, Massage S-Shape opened in 2021 to provide the highest level of massage treatment to English speakers living in Tokyo who might be suffering from physical pain or discomfort. Kitahara lived in Hawaii for seven years, where he ran a massage clinic. With more than 11 years of experience, he offers therapeutic massages to relax the tension of muscles and joints, restoring the body to its best condition and relieving pain, restoring movement, and aligning body structure. Other wellness treatments include deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, and head massages. If you want to focus on slimming, lymphatic drainage is recommended to maintain the body’s fluid balance, blood circulation, and immune mechanisms. Massage S-Shape is conveniently located in Ebisu. 

Facial Acupuncture to Reduce Signs of Aging 

Offering facial acupuncture, a non-surgical alternative, New Face Cosmetic Acupuncture Salon uses the ancient healing art to reduce wrinkles, eliminate fine lines, lift sagging skin and improve skin color and texture. Additionally, the treatment is said to help reduce eye bags and signs of stress on the face. Instead of relying on invasive surgery and general anesthesia that requires recovery time and potential risks post treatment, why not choose a holistic approach to cosmetic enhancement that only corrects current conditions but also prevents future problems. Besides treatments for the face, the salon offers services for hair and body as well. Appointments are required and you can get a 50% discount on your first facial acupuncture treatment!

Experience a Natural and Holistic Approach to Health and Beauty with New Face Cosmetic Acupunture Salon.

Invest in Getting Better Sleep 

Photo: Gugu Sleep

Gugu, a brand born in Japan in 2018, believes in the importance of sleep and is offering a solution that allows people in Japan to sleep even better: some of the best mattresses in the country. Based on extensive research, surveys and prototypes, gugu has created a mattress that matches the Japanese climate and lifestyle. Their mattresses promise to deliver comfort and have a design that accommodates different weight distributions and cuts down on any motion caused by tossing and turning in a shared bed. The mattresses are made with high-quality materials and a washable top layer. They also stay cool and comfortable, even during hot summers. Gugu offers a free 45-day trial with all of their mattresses, so why not invest in quality sleep for better daytime energy and productivity?

Improve Your Health from the Inside Out

If you are curious about gut health, why not experience an enzyme bath? At kunistyle Enzyme SPA, a dry enzyme bath that uses cypress, rice bran, and a variety of other ingredients will provide a luxurious and healthful experience. From dietary counseling to yoga, the spa offers a variety of activities that help improve your holistic health and wellness. A specialist in kaatsu yoga, Kuniko Iida offers training that features special belts that provide benefits such as muscle strength improvement, increased blood circulation, and anti-aging effects. Check out her spa in Ginza!

60-Minutes Bacteria Active Enzyme Bath: ¥5,980 for First-Time Customers

Total Beauty Care for Your Hair and Scalp

Photo: Morpho Beauty

Believing that healthy hair can only make you look more beautiful, Morpho Beauty offers various services that are fully focused on the scalp and hair. Starting with hair cleansing for all menu treatments, Morpho Beauty specializes in harnessing chemical reactions to increase the amount of moisture inside the hair, which adds shine and gloss. Other treatments include an anti-aging head spa and keratin treatments. The salon also offers the choice of having treatments in a private room for optimal privacy and deep relaxation. 


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