Attracting Top Talent in Japan—Why Employer Branding is Crucial for All Businesses

As the Jeff Bezos quote goes, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” While this holds true for consumer brands, it’s equally important for companies to keep in mind as they seek out the best talent to help them succeed. In fact, as top job candidates now search for positions like savvy consumers search for products, employer branding plays a big part in helping to shape a positive impression of a company. 

This is a topic that Fabien Brogard Cipriani, founder of recruiting advertising platform HirePlanner, is passionate about. He launched the service in 2016 after working for Apple and Tesla, and it has been widely embraced in Japan. HirePlanner can be used by candidates to search for jobs and by employers to list and advertise positions, track applications and promote content. It also regularly ​​hosts online career events where candidates can virtually move around conference halls, connect with one another and engage with hiring companies. 

HirePlanner has recently added employer branding services which include the production of video and social media content. Cipriani explains that employer branding shouldn’t be confused with recruitment marketing, which is the short-term strategy a company uses to attract talent and close job vacancies. Employer branding is a more long-term strategy that involves building a memorable candidate and employee experience to positively influence brand perception.

Building Bridges 

Cipriani points out that candidates do a lot more research these days before taking a job—or even applying for one—and check many reviews before making a decision: “Just like when you look through customer reviews on Amazon, people research potential employer reviews and testimonials to make up their mind before they apply for a role. Job seekers trust the voice of employees more than they trust the company’s marketing. “Think about employer branding as a wooden footbridge spanning a river,” he says. “Each plank on the bridge represents a step in your candidates’ journey—such as clear job information, easy application process, excellent interview experience, fast response, smooth contract negotiation and great onboarding. Each component makes a difference and contributes towards building the bridge of a great employer brand.”

There are five key elements in creating this bridge, he explains. “First, you need the right HR recruiting systems to help you organize your data, streamline your hiring process and add responsiveness. Second, you need engaging content that will inspire your targeted audience. Third, you need to identify the best media platforms on which to promote your content. Fourth, you need to organize or attend events to build and engage with your talent community. Finally, you need the right team and expertise to orchestrate the entire recruiting process.”

Cipriani adds that most companies need help with some aspects of these five stages and that, with a wide range of services available in English and Japanese, HirePlanner is ready to help businesses of all sizes recruit more efficiently and effectively in Japan.


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