English-Friendly Fitness Programs in Tokyo

New Year’s resolutions are in order! It’s the time of year to reflect on habits you want to eliminate, and begin making strides for a healthier, happier life. For those looking to introduce a little more fitness into their daily regimens, Tokyo offers a wide range of physical activities to help you work up a sweat. 

Outdoor Fitness

Tokyo’s spacious and accessible green spaces make it simple to find fitness opportunities amidst the great outdoors. Especially during the colder months, outdoor exercise can help you beat the winter blues and offers a fulfilling fitness experience that will boost your serotonin and endorphin levels. Check out some of these outdoor fitness programs and activities! 

Intensity Matters

Claiming the title of Tokyo’s first outdoor training gym, Intensity Matters offers a range of programs, including group workouts and corporate wellness activities with a focus on Callanetics, weightlifting, dance, circuit training and sprinting. While helping their clients push their limits, this gym prides itself on creating a fun and exciting environment by promoting games for warming up, effectively helping participants forget they’re working out. This makes for a more fulfilling experience, and a fitness routine that’s easier to stick to. 

Website: www.intensitymatters.com/
Address: 5-12-5 Shirokane, Minato-ku
Times: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 6:30–9:00pm

Sogo Fitness

Sogo Fitness offers a wide range of activities for those looking for different routines. These include the Sogo Run Club, Sogo Mind and Body, Sogo Bootcamp and Sogo Sisters. Hoping to empower the Tokyo community to live healthier and happier lives, the group promotes fitness through fun and challenging community events. For example, the Sogo Run Club promotes events for both fast and slow runners along with group exercises co-managed by community organizers, including Lululemon’s Harajuku Showroom. 

Website: https://sogofitness.org/
Times: Vary depending on activities 

Mikkeller Run Club

Mikkeller, an unorthodox craft brewing company straight out of Copenhagen, has spread to a number of bars around the city that have become popular through word of mouth. However, along with this clandestine reputation is a fitness-focused one, with their Run Club operating every first Saturday of the month. However, they also have special events popping up advertised on their Facebook page. So, if you’re invested in the particular aesthetic championed by the global brand, this fitness club might be right for you!

Website: https://mikkeller.jp/run/
Times: Every first Saturday of the month

Urban Heroes 

As an outdoor fitness gym with a mission to bring Tokyoites out of the urban bustle of city life, Urban Heroes offers a wide array of fitness activities, including hikes, family workouts, and workshops. They also provide a multitude of fitness and nutrition programs for those looking to stay fit during the wake of the New Year. With a staff of coaches and trainers from different countries, this gym might be the best for those who don’t speak much Japanese. And for those seeking ample adventure, Urban Heroes offers a hiking itinerary to climb Mt. Fuji, with a list of dates provided on their website!

Website: www.urbanheroestokyo.com/
Times: Vary 


Pilates has taken Tokyo by storm. As a form of strength training, this mode of fitness works to tone rather than build muscle mass. If you’re having trouble finding English-speaking Pilates programs in the city, this list is perfect for you! 

Re-Juvenate Pilates

Offering classes in English and Japanese, Re-Juvenate Pilates prides itself on its bilingual community and expert training. The studio offers classes for everyone—from beginners to those on a more advanced level—in both group and private settings. Further, with an emphasis on a relaxed ethos, Re-Juvenate works to make Pilates a fun experience, with members having the flexibility to come and go when they please. 

Website: https://re-juvenatepilates.com/
Address: 3-15-7 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku
Times: All week, times vary 

My Body My Pilates

With classes instructed in Japanese, English, Chinese and Polish, My Body My Pilates is truly both an international and multicultural experience, helping you feel good, leaner, and stronger. The studio caters to expats living in Tokyo, whether working or wandering, with an array of private and group classes. Furthermore, for those expecting a new addition to the family, the studio also offers pre- and post-natal classes, including childbirth preparation, pre-natal yoga and post-natal Pilates. My Body My Pilates is dedicated to helping its clients lead happier and healthier lives. 

Website: www.mybodymypilates.com/
Address: 3-5-11, Motoazabu, Minato-ku
Times: All week, 7–9am 

Martial Arts 

Japan has a long tradition of warrior culture, and a wide array of martial arts forms, which are a source of national pride and cultural appeal. If you’re still not so confident with your Japanese language skills, there’s still ample opportunity to seek martial arts classes in the Tokyo area, instructed in English!

Hero Karate Girls

For women in the Tokyo area seeking self-defense training, Hero Karate Girls is an all-female karate class for beginners and brown and black belts. The dojo also provides classes for children over the age of four in English on Wednesdays. This is the perfect class for those who want to feel safe walking alone, while also learning the art of karate. 

Website: www.agila.co.jp/eng/
Address: SOGO Department Store near Yokohama Station (9F)
Times: Wednesdays and Saturdays, times vary 

ISKC Karate

Located in Meguro, ISKC Karate provides classes taught in English by a foreign, Japan Karate Association (JKA) certified instructor. The JKA has an immense focus on bushido as an underlying philosophy, and encourages its instructors-in-training to undergo rigorous training to master balance in movement, and the harmonious unity of mind and body. 

Contact: iskctaishijuku@yahoo.co.uk
Address: 5-22-8 Meguro Honshou, Meguro-ku
Times: Vary

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