Unique Workouts You Can Experience in Tokyo

Japan is now well into its warmer months, which means it’s the perfect time to head out and get some exercise. The idea of long-distance running or heavy weights might be intimidating, but exercising does not need to feel like a chore. Here are some unique and fun workouts you can experience around Tokyo.

Club 360

Located in both Azabu and Roppongi, Club 360 is the preferred choice for a more traditional type of fitness gym. With a focus on health, personal fitness, and group training, they have a program for everyone. Club 360 has an excellent staff, and many of them are fluent in English. Plus, when you mention GoConnect at reception, you can get your first group fitness class for free.

B Monster

For those looking for a hard-hitting workout, give B Monster in Roppongi a try. Boxing workouts combined with a nightclub-esque environment should get your blood pumping. Workouts are set to upbeat music while you are instructed, so you are guaranteed to get your feet moving.


Given the popularity of UFC’s mixed martial arts action around the world, you might expect to find only fighting-based workouts on offer at UFC Gym in Setagaya. But those famous letters also stand for “unity, family, and community,” and the workouts at the gym range from Brazilian Jujitsu to Pilates or yoga. Classes are available for those with all levels of fitness, but for a real challenge, try their Daily Ultimate Training (DUT). The 60-minute class will really put you to the test.

Feel Cycle

Feel Cycle started in New York, but its success has allowed it to spread to 40 locations across Japan as well. Cycling classes have recently grown in popularity, thanks to the addition of lights and energetic music. With Feel Cycle’s range of classes, you can target specific muscle groups and burn up to 800 calories in just 45 minutes.

Jump One

Sometimes the best exercise is simply the one that doesn’t feel like exercise. Jump One offers workouts on trampolines that let you not only tone your body, but relieve stress and have fun. They have studios in 15 locations around Japan, eight of which are in Tokyo.

SOGO Fitness

If variety is something you are looking for in your workout routines, it may be worth joining a larger fitness community like SOGO Fitness. Put simply, it is Japan’s largest international fitness group. It is run by volunteers and offers free workouts such as social running, interval training, and spartan training.


Located in Akihabara, Sassen takes the Japanese culture of samurai sword fighting and modernizes it into a sport for the 21st century. Essentially a light sword battle, this is a kind of workout perfect for anyone who prefers sports and games to general fitness workouts.

Most of these gyms and fitness groups will allow you to join individually, but it always helps to have a workout buddy. Either way, try some of these places to get your summer body ready while having a good time.



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