Where to Go for Tokyo’s Best Outdoor Dining

Tokyo’s lively, bustling atmosphere is gradually returning as more people head back to shops, restaurants, and bars. While it may be nice to see the energy return, one could probably do without the long lines and crowds. But there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes that offer rooftop, terrace and other outdoor seating that allow you to escape the crowded feeling you might experience indoors. Here are some options where you can get delicious food and drink in the comfort of an open-air environment.


BAO is an Asian fusion restaurant found atop the Tokyu Plaza building in Shibuya. Their menu combines the Asian bao (meat bun) with the Western hamburger, and the restaurant offers a skyline view of the city from their rooftop terrace on the 17th floor. During colder weather, they even provide heaters outside so you don’t freeze.


For a quiet experience, head to Sangenjaya for the hidden cafe, a-bridge. To get to the location, navigate the shops and back alleys to the ground floor elevator, and ride to the top floor. You will find an interior filled with cozy sofas and wooden chairs that leads to the outdoor rooftop seating. With an extensive menu featuring everything from curry, pasta, pizza, and appetizers to coffee, tea, beer, cocktails, and wine, you may need to visit more than once to taste it all. 

Grand Kitchen

Grand Kitchen is a restaurant located at the Palace Hotel Tokyo in Marunouchi. The main dining room features a show kitchen at one end and wood-burning oven at the other, but choose the outdoor terrace seating for a direct view of the Imperial Palace moat. Offering a menu of shareable entrées, this location is great for fancy breakfasts, business lunches or formal dinners. 

Mt. Takao Beer Mount

Mt. Takao is an easy hike that is popular among Tokyo residents who like to make day trips and explore nature outside the city center. At the very top, you will find an observation deck with a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji (depending on the weather) as well as the highest beer garden in Tokyo. At Mt. Takao Beer Mount, you can enjoy a cold one in a casual setting along with affordable Japanese, Chinese and Western food. Reward yourself after your hike to the top or after a short cable car ride. The choice is yours!

Hacienda del cielo

Located on the ninth floor of Mansard Daikanyama, Hacienda del cielo is a luxury lounge serving both classic and modern Mexican dishes. You can also enjoy Mexican beer, frozen margaritas and wine. The open-air terrace overlooks the surrounding Daikanyama neighborhood which looks spectacular at night. Try Hacienda del cielo for your next date, get-together, or party.

Starbucks Coffee (Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku)

You may have been to a Starbucks before, but this location allows you to enjoy your coffee in an outdoor garden deck area for above the busy streets. To access this location, enter the Tokyu Plaza building through its silver, mirror-plated entrance and go up to the sixth floor. Once you finish ordering at the counter, find a spot at the wooden steps, tables, or bar-style seating surrounded by illuminated trees for a great post-shopping rest stop.

Bon Hanabi

Found along the Sumida River in Asakusa, Bon Hanabi is a high quality izakaya with a great view. During the day, you can enjoy their lunch sets or takeout bento. At night, bar food favorites such as chicken wings or sausage are accompanied by craft beer as well as a good selection of umeshu and wines. No matter when you decide to visit, you will enjoy a beautiful view of Tokyo Skytree and the Sumida River from the charming terrace outside.


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